Access Bank Ghana internet banking guide.

Access Bank Ghana Internet Banking – How To Register & Use Access Banking Online Banking In Ghana

Today in this article, we will give you details on how you can register for Access Bank Ghana internet banking.

If you are an Access Bank customer and are not yet registered on the online banking services, then you are missing out.

Internet banking is one service that has made banking more flexible and convenient.

Unlike some years back, where making a little transaction at the bank requires you to join a lengthy queue, it is no more today.

Since the introduction of online banking services, you can now.bano on the go, and you do need to worry about banks not working during weekends.


With an internet banking account, you can make transactions through your bank account anytime.

Even though the service is available to every customer, some people still have complications on how to sign up for the service.

As a result, we have dedicated this guide to show how to apply for Access bank electronic banking.

Before we proceed, let’s find out what is required of you to register for the service.

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Requirements To Register, Login & Use The Digital Banking System

These are what you need to register for Access Bank electronic banking.

1) You should have an active bank account with Access Bank

2) Valid email address and phone number.

Now let’s see how you can simply register for the service online.

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How To Register For Access Bank Internet Banking Service In Ghana

Access bank online banking registration.

Sign-Up for Bank Account Online

If you want to register for Access bank internet banking for the steps below:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Access Bank internet banking website here
  2. Click on “Register Now”.
  3. The Access bank online registration page will open for you.
  4. Enter your Access bank account number.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. You will receive an authentication through either email or SMS.
  7. Input the verification code and make sure it the same thing you received.
  8. Click on submit.
  9. Choose a secured ID number.
  10. Set up a strong password and a secured image.
  11. Click on terms and conditions and make sure you read carefully to understand.
  12. After reading the terms and conditions, if you still want to register, accept, and submit.
  13. You will receive an alert indicating successful registration.

That is how you can register for Access bank internet banking service.

Now that you are a registered member of the service, the next thing is to log into your account.

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How To Long Into Access Bank Internet Banking Account

Login To Your Bank Account

Below are the steps to log into your Access bank online banking account:

  • Visit the Access bank Ghana internet banking website below
  • Enter your User ID
  • Type in your password
  • Now, click on the login.
  • If the credentials you entered are correct, your online banking account must open for you.

Yes, that was swift and simple you have logged into your Access Bank account online.

However, as we always advise, you frequently check your account balance to ensure you are updated with your balance. That is a good measure as it helps you to ensure your funds are secured.

Read below to find out how you can check your online banking account balance.

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How To Check Your Access Bank Online Banking Account Balance In Ghana

Do you want to know your Access bank account balance? The follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Access bank secured internet banking website here
  • Enter your User ID
  • Input in your password
  • Click on submit to sing in
  • Once you log into your online account, you can check your account balance by clicking on the account number.
  • When all is set, your Access Bank account balance will be available.

Sometimes due to some reasons, you may forget your password, and when that happens, it becomes impossible to log into your account.

You do not need to worry as Access bank has given online banking customers an option to reset their password when they lose it.

So let’s see how you can recover your password.

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How To Reset or Recover Your Access Bank Online Banking Account Password

How To Change Your Account Password

If you want to reset your Access Bank Ghana Internet banking account password, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Access bank online banking website here

2. Click on “Forgot username”.

3. Enter your Access bank account number.

4. You will receive a verification code to your email address or SMS through your phone number.

5. Enter the verification code and submit it.

6. A new section will open for you to enter setup new login details.

That’s is how simple you can reset your Access bank Ghana online banking password.

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Features Of Electronic Banking Service

These are some of the numerous features available on Access bank internet banking service in Ghana

  • Past your utility bills.
  • View your account balance anytime.
  • Track your transaction history.
  • Add multiple accounts.
  • View your bank account information.

Now that you know how to register and use the Access bank Ghana internet banking service, why not register and login to your account.

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