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Ghana Commercial Bank Internet Banking – Register & Login To Your Online Banking Account

Hello, and welcome to another crucial guide on how to apply for Ghana Commercial Bank Internet banking service.

It is undeniable that in Ghana, GCB is almost the mother of all banks.

Their reputation and reliability status surpasses any financial institution in Ghana.

However, there are many things we do not know are available to you if you are a GCB customer.

Yes, many of them.

Do you know Ghana Commercial Bank offers internet banking services?

Yes, they do, and as I said, there is much stuff you will be shocked are offered to GCB customers.

As a result, if you want a hustle free banking services, coupled with trust, reliability, top-notch security, then head over to GCB.

Today we have dedicated this guide to give you the details and most straightforward way to apply for GCB online banking services.

So, let us not waste much time if you are ready, let’s begin.

Before we proceed, let’s find out what you need to register for Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking.

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Requirements To Register For Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking Service

If you want to apply for GCB online banking services, here are the requirements.

1) You should have a bank account with GCB

2) Customer full name

3) Valid Email address

4) Account name

5) Phone number

6) Postal address

7) Date of birth

If you have all these, you are one step away from having a GCB electronic banking account.

Now let’s see how you can apply.

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How To Register Or Apply For GCB Internet Banking Account Service

Follow the steps below if you want to apply for the Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking facility:

  1. Make sure you have all your documents and information ready
  2. Click on this link
  3. A tall list of PDF files will display with each purpose-written against it.
  4. From the list of PDF files that will be viewed, navigate through and click on Internet Banking application form individual and download it.
  5. Copy the download PDF file on a USB/Pendrive.
  6. Print the form into a hard copy.
  7. Fill the printed form with the correct details required.
  8. Locate the nearest GCB bank branch and submit the filled form. Also, you either fax it or email it to the preferred office.
  9. Wait patiently as your application will be under review for more than 24hrs.
  10. Once your application has been approved, finally, you will receive your GCB Internet banking login details through either an email or phone number provided on your form.
  11. Once you have your details, congratulations, you are now a legal Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking member.

What must you do next after the application? You should log into your newly registered online banking account.

So left find out how you can log in.

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How To Log Into Your Ghana Commercial Bank Online Banking Account Online

How to login to GCB Bank account online

To Your Account

Here are the simplest steps you must follow, should you want to log into your GCB internet banking account:

  • Open your favorite browser on your smartphone or computer and go to the official website of Ghana Commercial Bank here
  • At the top right corner, hover over internet banking and select “Individual / Corporate.”
  • Click on Login at the right corner of the site.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Type in your password.
  • Click on Login.
  • If it is your very first time logging in to your GCB Bank account, then you need to take note of the menu items.
  • You must accept the Terms & Conditions and then reset the password you receive from them to your preferred password.

That is how simple you can log into GCB electronic banking account online.

Are you aware you can lose your password?

Yes, you may forget it, you may face challenges when logging into your account with it. When that happens, you need to reset it to a new password.

It is nothing complicated to do, so you should not panic. Read below to see how you recover your password in minutes.

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How To Recover or Reset GCB Internet Banking Account Password

Follow these steps below if you want to reset your Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking account password:

How to change your password

Change Your Bank Account Password

1. visit the secured GCB Internet banking website here

2. Click on “Login” at the top corner of the online banking page.

3. Click on “Forgot password”.

4. On the next page that opens, follow the instructions to reset your GCB internet banking password.

You see, it is that simple, and in a few minutes, you have a new password.

Remember, it’s is very crucial always to check your GCB account balance after each transaction you make.

If you want to know how that is done, read in the next section to find out.

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How To Check Your Ghana Commercial Bank Internet Banking Account Balance

Checking your Ghana Commercial Bank online banking account balance is effortless, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login at the top corner for the login page to display.
  3. Type your Username.
  4. Enter your login password.
  5. Click on Login.
  6. Once you are logged, navigate to accounts.
  7. Finally, click on the account you want to view its balance.

That is how easy you can check your GCB bank account balance online.

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Features & Services Of The Digital Banking

There are a lot of features on the GCB online banking service, here a some of them:

1) View your GCB account balance at any time.

2) Set up personal banking hours, that is awesome.

3) Send money to family and friends in and out of Ghana Commercial Bank.

4) You can pay on your domestic bills online on a few easy steps.

5) You can monitor all your banking activities 24/7.

If you have any other issues about the Ghana Commercial Bank internet banking account, then use the comment section below and let us know.

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