Prudential Bank Ghana internet banking guide

Prudential Bank Ghana Internet Banking, 2023, Register & Login To Prudential Bank Account

You are again welcome to another exciting guide about registering for Prudential Bank Ghana internet banking.

Prudential bank is one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in Ghana.

Since their existence, they have proved to be serious and committed to delivering the best banking services to their clients under rigorous conditions.

Today, we have all seen how technology is now profusely being adopted in the banking sector.

Therefore, you do not have to be surprised to see robust financial institutions like Prudential Bank Ghana Limited offering banking services conveniently via the internet.

The hottest cake on the table is that Prudential Bank now offers internet banking services to all its clients, irrespective of the type of bank account you possess.

Someone may ask what is unique about internet banking.

Yes, online banking is very powerful and unique because it gives customers full control over their bank accounts.

What do I mean by having complete control over your account?

That’s a good question.

With internet banking, you do not need to go to the bank for any transaction, as you can do that on your phone or computer with internet access.

Also, you can view your account balance, check your bank statement, and many more.

Today, this post is purposely put together to guide you on how you can check your account balance, log into your account, and register for Prudential Bank internet banking account.

Before we proceed, let’s find out what you need to sign up for the online banking service.

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Requirements For The Online Banking Service

They are what you must get before you can register or apply for Prudential bank online banking in Ghana.

It includes the following:

1) Active bank account with Prudential Bank

2) Active personally phone number

3) Valid email address

4) Date of birth, name, and postal address.

So let’s see how you can register.

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How To Register For Prudential Bank Ghana Internet Banking Service

Here are the procedures you must follow to register for Prudential Bank online banking in Ghana:

  1. Visit the official website of Prudential Bank Ghana here
  2. Click on enter site to start registering for the Prudential Bank internet banking account.
  3. Click on Internet banking at the top of the website.
  4. Under the Netwise application form, click on the “Retail application form.”
  5. Right-click on the application form and save the PDF file onto your computer.
  6. Copy the PDF fine onto a Pendrive or USB.
  7. Print the Prudential Bank Ghana internet banking form into a hard copy.
  8. Now, fill all the files on the form with the necessary details.
  9. Check through to see you have provided the right information.
  10. Walk to the nearest Prudential Bank branch in Ghana and submit your filled online banking application form.
  11. Also, you can fax or email a scanned copy to Prudential Bank Ghana Limited.
  12. Once you have done that, wait patiently as your application will be under review for some hours.
  13. Once your application is accepted, your bank will notify you of your Prudential Bank internet banking login details.

Now that you have successfully registered for internet banking services, the next thing is to log into your account online.

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How To Log Into Your Prudential Bank Ghana Internet Banking Account

How to login to Prudential Bank account online

To Your Internet banking Account

Follow these procedures if you want to log into your Prudential bank Ghana online banking account:

  • Go to
  • Type in your online banking Username.
  • Next, enter your password.
  • Click on Sign in button to login to your Prudential Bank internet banking account.
  • Viola, your online banking account will open for you to make transactions.

It is imperative to know how you can reset your Prudential bank online banking password since you can forget it.

Please read below to know how you can recover your internet banking password when you lose it or ignore it.

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How To Reset Prudential Bank Online Banking Account Password

The following are procedures you juts follow if you want to reset your Prudential Bank internet banking account password:

1. Get your bank account details.

2. Visit the nearest Prudential Bank branch.

3. Make a complaint about a change or lost password.

4. The branch manager at the bank will assist you in changing your online banking account password.

5. Your password will be changed, and they will give you a new password to login.

That’s is how you can recover your web banking account when you lose it.

However, due to security reasons, you must frequently check your account balance. It is very crucial as it helps to be updated with your account balances.

See more in the next section on can check your account balance.

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How To Check Prudential Bank Ghana Online Banking  Account Balance

Here are the easy steps you should follow to check your Prudential bank internet banking account balance in Ghana:

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Enter your Prudential Bank User ID.
  • Next, type in your internet banking account password.
  • Click on the Sign-in button to login and check your Prudential bank account balance.
  • Once your account opens, navigate to account information.
  • Finally, click on the account number to reveal its balance.

That is how easy to check your Prudential bank Ghana internet banking account balance.

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Features Of The Digital Banking Service

Here are some of the features and services of the Prudential Bank Ghana internet banking platform:

1. View bank account details.

2. Check your account balance at any time anywhere.

3. Send and receive money from other Prudential Bank accounts.

4. Transfer money to other banks using your internet banking account.

5. View and download bank statements.

6. Track your transaction history.

That is it. If you have any questions or challenges about the Prudential Bank Ghana internet Banking service, send your comments below.

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