Absa Private Wealth Account

Absa Private Wealth Account 2023, Get Bank Account That Matches Your Style

Are you interested to learn about the Absa private wealth account in South Africa? This is the right place for you. Check out this guide.

We will first explain what a private wealth account is.

What Is A Private Wealth Account

This is an account designed to match your lifestyle and status.

The account offers you personalized professional expert advice and appropriate banking products.

You enjoy relationship-driven services where your individual business and family needs are well understood.

Now that you understand what a private wealth account is, we will show you the Absa private wealth account features.

Absa Private Wealth Account

You qualify for the Absa rewards automatically after joining private banking and getting up to 1.15% cashback.

There is no additional monthly fee charged to your account.

You are able to trade shares online with this account.

There is a waiver on the annual administration and preferential brokerage fees.

You get exclusive banking products, lending solutions, and foreign exchange services.

There is a partial waiver of first commission when you use forex, multi-currency cash passport.

You can use up to three currencies in one card; US Dollar, Euro, and Sterling.

You can readily access our cash anytime, any day.

You have access to experienced specialists who will advise you on a range of solutions to grow and protect your wealth.

You qualify for a credit card with free travel insurance, an extended warranty, and buyers’ protection.

You have unlimited access to premier lounges in selected departure halls worldwide.

The Absa premier global card visa is explicitly tailored for clients who regularly travel either for pleasure or business.

There is the onshore and offshore mortgage for clients who need the loan.

You enjoy the convenience of having extra cash available whenever at need with an overdraft facility.

These are the key features of the Absa private wealth account in South Africa.

Benefits Of The Private Account

You get 1.15% cashback without any monthly fee when you swipe your card.

There is 30% cashback when you fuel, buy groceries or buy health and beauty products at the selected stores worldwide.

You earn 15% cash back at Absa’s rewards partners.

The online stockbroking service is quick and efficient and offers discounted fees to reduce your share trading costs.

These are the major benefits of a private wealth account in South Africa.

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