Absa Premium Account

Absa Premium Account 2023, Get Premium Banking On The Go

Do you want to know about the Absa premium account in South Africa? Then read this guide.

We will first show you what a premium account is.

What Is A Premium Bank Account

This account has a packaged service that will give you a new perspective on your money and life.

You get a range of exclusive and interesting services and lifestyle benefits that help you reach your financial goals.

The account usually has a monthly fee and includes extras like free insurance and retail discounts.

Now that you understand a premium account, we will show you the requirements to qualify for the account.

Requirements For Absa Premium

Below are the basic entry requirements to qualify for Absa premium banking in South Africa:

  • You have to be a South African citizen
  • You must have a valid bar-coded South African ID or a valid foreign passport.
  • A minimum monthly income of R25,000
  • Proof of residence
  • You must provide your latest salary slip

These are the requirements to open an Absa premium account in South Africa.

We will now show you exactly how the account works in Absa, South Africa.

Absa Premium Account

You can easily apply for an overdraft online with this account.

You access online banking, mobile app banking, unlimited card swipes, and free NotifyMe SMS notifications.

You can withdraw and deposit cash of up to R6 500 each at any Absa ATM.

The premium debit card is a contactless tap and pays card, and all your card and payment details are kept in your master pass digital wallet.

You can access your debit, credit, or savings account with just one card.

This is how the Absa premium account works in South Africa.

Now that you know how the account works, we will show you the account’s rates and interests.

What Are The Rates, Interests, And Benefits

You will be charged a monthly service fee of R190 and monthly service fee reduction offers of up to 50% with this account.

You will get an R25, 000 death benefit with this account.

An R10 000 layoff benefit is payable over two months in two equal installments.

Clients also receive a disability benefit of R10, 000 payable over two months in two equal installments.

You are offered 50% off monthly fees on a premium banking cheque account for your spouse.

A free MegaU account and app will be created for your children under the age of 19.

These are the rates and benefits of the Absa premium account in South Africa.

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