Zenith Bank Ghana Mobile Banking

Zenith Bank Ghana Mobile Banking – How To Register & Use Zenith Mobile App

The Zenith Bank Ghana mobile banking service is one of the best mobile apps in the banking sector used by many Ghanaians.

Most people find it very easy to register and use the Zenith Bank mobile app for transactions on their phones.

If you are a Zenith Bank Ghana account holder, you will appreciate how easy to use the mobile banking service for sending and receiving funds on your phone.

However, many people also keep asking me how to use the service.

And that is why I have dedicated this page to show you everything you need to know about the Zenith Bank mobile banking services in Ghana.

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Why Should You Use Zenith Bank Mobile Banking For Your Transactions

21st Century Technology has changed the way our banking system operates these days. Banking activities that used to be clumsy have now been a five-finger exercise, safer, and more convenient.

This tends to improve on a high degree of customer satisfaction and experience.

Over the years, the mobile device has aided in a vital contribution to how the Ghanaian banks offer their services to their potential clients.

One of the largest financial service providers in Ghana, known as Zenith bank, has availed on the golden chance of technology to ensure maximum convenience by providing new innovative banking products and services.

Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, the “Best Banking Group Ghana” award winner in 2019, seems to secure a legendary reputation in Ghana.

They are taking their banking services to the doorstep of their valued customers.

You may be wondering how are they doing this?

This is by introducing the Zenith mobile also know as Zmobile to enable clients to transact business pretty easy and quick.

This would definitely put a smile on your face since you never knew of banking from the comfort of your home.

I will urge you to read this article to the end as I am about to expose you to the simple means of using the Zenith Ghana Mobile Banking.

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What Is ZMobile Or Zenith Mobile Banking

Zenith Mobile (ZMobile) is a new banking product, which allows you to make banking and payment transactions on your mobile phone.

This service, also known as the “Home Branch” of the bank, will enable you to access your Zenith Bank account 24 hours a day from wherever you are.

How To Register For Zenith Bank Mobile Banking In Ghana

You can register for the Zenith Bank mobile banking service in Ghana in a few steps.

To access the Zmobile banking services and make transactions, you have to first download the Zenith Mobile Banking App on your phone.

Find the link below to download the App

Download ZMobile App for Andriod Users and ios users.

After downloading the App kindly take the following steps;

1. Open the App and click on the Register button. Two options for registration will pop up, that is ACCESS CODE or the HARDWARE TOKEN.

2. If you select the ACCESS CODE: you only enter your account number followed by your access code and password and click on confirm to register successfully.

3. If you select the HARDWARE TOKEN: you only enter your account number followed by your access code, pin, and token and click on confirm to register successfully.

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What Is The Zenith Bank USSD Code And How To Use It

The Zenith Bank Ghana USSD code for mobile banking transactions is *966#.

Maybe you didn’t know there is another means of banking with Zenith bank on your mobile phone without internet access.

You can use the Zenith Bank USSD code *966# for mobile banking transactions, which has similar features as that of the ZMobile?

After dialing the *966# mobile banking shortcode, it will give you the following options:

1. Account Holders

2. Non-Account Holders.

Select the option that suits your status to enjoy any of the services you need.

When you select the first option (Account Holders), another prompt opens for you to register.

Enter your Zenith bank account to start the mobile banking registration.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Ghana Mobile Banking For Sending And Receiving Money

After downloading the ZMobile App and registering successfully, you can now receive and send money through your Zmobile App anytime.

Once you open your mobile App, you would simply find an option that indicates “fund Transfer”.

Once selected, you will only need to enter the recipient’s account number and amount to send it.

Money received in your bank account can also reflect on your mobile App for any transactions.

What Services Are Available On The Zenith Bank Ghana Mobile Banking Platform

Are you wondering what services come with the Zmobile banking? Well here is a list of features menu-driven on the platform;

  • Checking of the account balance
  • Funds transfer
  • Mobile phone top-up
  • Mini statement
  • Bills payment like DSTV Ghana subscription payment.

And many other services.

Who To Contact If You Have Problem With The Mobile And Online Banking

Have you encountered any issues using the Zenith mobile Bank recently? You can use the following means to lodge a complaint;

Phone Call: +233 302 680 884 │ +233 542 000 111

Email: [email protected][email protected]

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