CBG Bank Ghana internet banking guide

CBG Bank Ghana Internet Banking, 2023, Register & Login To Consolidated Bank Ghana Account

Are you a customer of Consolidated Bank Ghana, then you definitely need to know how to register, login, and use CBG bank internet banking service.

I know you may be wondering what the Consolidated Bank online banking service is.

Yes, it is essential to know that the CBG Bank Ghana digital banking system is a convenient, fast, and safer way of making transactions with your Consolidated Bank account.

The only thing you need for the CBG online banking service is an internet connection.

You do not pay a pesewa to use the internet banking service except the standard transaction charges which apply to all other money transfers.

You have nothing to lose, and the advantages of using this service are enormous.

What Can You Do With The Service

The following are some of the services you can get with the Consolidated Bank Ghana internet banking service:

  • You can check your CBG account balance.
  • Top-up airtime with your CBG Bank account.
  • You can make money transfer either to or from CBG bank accounts.
  • View all your transaction history and details.
  • You can pay bills like DSTV, ECG, GoTV, Surfline, etc.
  • Request CBG ATM PIN.
  • Make instant payments to other bank accounts.
  • View current exchange rates.
  • You can request for a cheque-book with your internet banking account.
  • Make international money transfers.

And even many more.

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How To Register For CBG Bank Internet Banking Account In Ghana

Steps to register for CBG Bank Ghana internet banking account

Consolidated Bank Registration

Here is how to register for CBG Bank internet banking account:

  1. Go to the CBG internet banking page here: https://ibank.cbg.com.gh/.
  2. Under the Sign-in button, click on Sign-up to register for the online banking account.
  3. Another page will open, showing you the requirements you need to register for the CBG Bank Ghana internet banking account.
  4. Make sure you have an active CBG Bank account.
  5. Next, make your Consolidated Bank account ready.
  6. Click on the Sign-Up button at the very bottom of that page.
  7. A new page will open.
  8. Enter your Consolidated bank Customer Identification ID.
  9. Note: this is the first seven (7) digits of your CBG Bank account number.
  10. After entering in your CBG Bank user ID, click on “Check by your Customer ID”.
  11. When everything is successful, the CBG Bank internet banking registration form will open for you to register.

Should you face any challenges with the registration, please call 0302213565 for assistance.

You can also visit the nearest Consolidated Bank branch near you in any part of Ghana and sign-up for the service.

That is how to register for the CBG bank internet banking in Ghana.

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How To Log In To Your CBG Bank Internet Banking Account

After you have successfully registered for the Consolidated Bank Ghana online banking account, the next thing to do is log in to your Consolidated Bank internet banking account.

Login to your CBG Bank account

Sign In To CBG Bank Ghana Online Banking Account

If you want to know how to sign in to your CBG Bank internet banking account, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website here: https://cbg.com.gh/.
  • You will get to the homepage.
  • At the top-right section of the Consolidated Bank Ghana main page, select the “Internet Banking” button.
  • Under the “Internet Banking” drop-down menu, select “Retail Online”.
  • Another page will open.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button to visit the CGB Bank internet banking website.
  • If you can remember the main CBG Bank online banking login address, this is it: https://ibank.cbg.com.gh/.
  • When you get to that page, enter your “Username”.
  • In the next section, enter your CBG Bank password.
  • After that, click on the Sign-in button.
  • Your CBG bank account will open to start your transaction.

That is how easy to log in to your CBG online banking account.

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How To Recover Or Reset Your CBG Bank Online Banking Account

There are instances where you may forget your online banking account password.

It is sometimes frustrating to go through that ordeal.

But what can you do to reset your password?

That is easy and simple.

Follow these steps to recover your Consolidated Bank account password if you have forgotten it:

1. Go to the CBG Bank Sign-in page.

2. Select “Forgot password”.

3. Continue with the password recovery.

4. Enter the original email address you previously used to register for the CBG internet banking account.

5. In the next box, enter your phone number connected to your bank account.

6. Enter your “Customer ID”.

7. After completing the CBG Bank password recovery process, click on submit.

8. A message will be sent to your phone and email address.

9. Check your email for the password recovery details.

10. Use the information sent from CBG bank and log in to your internet banking account.

11. Create a new password for your account after you have successfully reset your password.

Please note that you cannot use your old password to login to your Consolidated Bank account.

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How To Contact Consolidated Bank Customer Service

There are instances where you may need assistance with your CBG Bank Ghana internet banking service.

In that case, what do you do?

In Ghana, I have seen most people who are facing challenges with their online banking accounts, and because of that, they resort to family and friends.

Why trusting a friend or a brother with something they do not manage.

Most Ghanaians go to the extent of sharing their internet banking password and other login details with their friends all because they need help with their accounts.

Please, if you need any assistance with your Consolidated Bank account, it is advisable to contact the CBG Bank customer service.

But how do you do that?

Here is how to contact the Consolidated Bank customer care:

Head Office Address

You can find the Consolidated Bank head office at South Liberation Link in Manet Tower 3 at Airport in Accra.

Postal Address: Post Office Box CT 363, Cantonment, Accra, Ghana.

If you need to get help with your CBG bank internet banking account, then you can call these telephone numbers:

Main number: 0302216000

Toll-Free Lines: Vodafone 0800110055

For other online banking queries, send your emails to this address: talktous@cbg.com.gh.

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