Access Bank Western Union

Access Bank Western Union – Send & Receive Western Union In Nigeria

Do you know Access bank now offers money transfer services? It is finally happening, and in this guide, we will share with you all the details about Access bank Western Union.

Western Union is one of the top most popular electronic money transfers globally, and over the years, they have delivered the most affordable and reliable money remittance services available.

However, Western Union is available in almost every country, and you can send and receive money from abroad at any time.

You can now simply send and receive money from Access Based Money Transfer(AMBT) in Nigeria, and it is available in all the bank branches and agent locations across the country.

The service is very efficient and secured and you must ensure that you are 18 years and above to be able to send or receive money to the Access Based Money Transfer in Nigeria.

All you need is the required details and you are a step away from receiving or transferring your money.

Let get into the details and find out what is waiting for you.

Access Bank Western Union

Access bank has now partnered with Western Union to provide a new money transfer service called Access Based Money Transfer(ABMT) to allow a customer to receive money into their accounts through their online banking platform.

It is available to both customers of Access bank and non-customers who are 18 years and above.

Requirements To Send Money Through Western Union In Nigeria

Below are the things you need to send money via the Access bank Western Union:

1. The full name of the sender.

2. Mobile phone number

3. Name of the actual person you are sending the money to.

4. The country where the receiver of the money lives.

5. Amount of the money you are sending in naira.

6. Verified bank verification number (BVN).

7. Access Bank account number of the person sending the money.

8. Identification documents of the sender( Nigeria Passport, Foreign passport, Driver’s license, National Voters ID, National ID, BVN).

Those are the basic things you need to send money through Western Union.

Requirements To Receive Money Through Access Bank Western Union

Here are the things you need to receive money from WesternUnion through Access bank:

1. Money Transfer Control Number( MTCN).

2. Amount money to expected receive.

3. Identification documents (Driver license, National ID, Passport, Voter’s ID)

4. Your full name

5. Your address and mobile phone number.

6. The full name of the person who sent you the money.

7. Country and city of the person who sent you the money.

Those are the things you need to receive WU money from Access bank in Nigeria.

Does Access Bank Use Western Union?

Yes, Western Union is now available at Access bank, and you can send and receive money through Access Based Money Transfer(AMBT).

It is very efficient and requires less, and also you don’t need to an account with the bank before you can send or receive money. Also, it is important to know that you will provide all the required information to the bank during sending and receiving money process.

That is all we have about Access Based Money Transfer.

Finally, that is all we have for you about today’s topic. We shall do our best to keep updating this post in case we find any amendment made by the bank.

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