Access Bank Payday Loan Guide

Access Bank Payday Loan Guide, 2023, Steps To Apply & Get Payday Loan In Nigeria

Have you ever heard about the Access bank PayDay loan? Maybe you need money urgently? How about taking a loan from a friend? It might happen your friends are out of cash as well. 

That is why Access bank plc has launched a Payday loan service that will help customers get cash to settle their urgent needs.

Loans have become like that blood bank in the hospital, where it is almost your last hope of saving your life when all hope is gone. 

However, securing a loan from a bank has now become a pain in the neck. Consider showing up with collateral documents and being a salaried worker.

How about when you are self-employed but seeking a loan? That is almost certainly not possible. 

Thus, Payday loans help both employed and non-employed clients to get a loan and pay later.

With the Access bank Payday loan, you do not need collateral. No documents are needed.

Even if you are self-employed, you can apply for a Payday loan from Access in Nigeria.

Therefore, if you seek to apply for a loan without collateral, look no further, as the Payday loan is your best choice.

Maybe I should cut off the shilling and start with how you can register, apply, and things you might need. So let us begin.

What Access Bank PayDay Loan

The Access Bank Nigeria Payday loan is a service that is designed to assist both salaried and non-salary earners in getting instant cash during an emergency.

Requirements To Register For The Loan

Below are the things you need to apply for Access bank PayDay loan in Nigeria:

1. Access Bank Account.

2. Access Bank Mobile Banking app.

3. The Accessbank bank QuickBucks app.

4. WhatsApp banking service of Access bank.

5. Internet banking account.

6. Mobile phone number registered with Access bank.

7. Active cellphone (Mobile phone).

Those are the things you need to apply for a Payday loan.

Note: The above-stated things are the requirements but do not mean you need all of them, as any of the services have an option of a Payday loan.

Steps To Apply Or Get Payday Loan From Access Bank On Your Phone 

To apply for a Payday loan from Access bank in Nigeria, follow these steps:

1. Dial *901*11# on your mobile phone number registered with Access bank.

2. Follow the instructions on your phone screen.

3. Choose the amount of your choice to see you qualify for.

4. Proceed and accept the terms and conditions.

5. Complete your Payday loan application.

6. Instantly, you will receive a successful message indicating you have secured a Payday loan for a 30days tenor.

That is how you can apply for a Payday loan.

How To Apply For Access Bank PayDay Loan On QuickBucks App

Follow the steps below to apply for Payday on the QuickBucks app:

1. Download and install the Access bank QuickBucks app on your Smartphone.

2. Click on “Register.” 

3. Follow the simple instructions to register and log in.

4. Once you are logged into the app, click on Menu and select “Payday loan.”

5. Follow the instructions to apply for a loan.

That is how you can apply for a Payday loan from the QuicBucks app.

What Code Is For Access Bank Loan

The code for Access bank loan is *901*11#. You can access it from any mobile phone on all networks in Nigeria.

It is recommended to apply for the Payday loan from the mobile phone number linked to your bank account.

How Do I Know I Am Eligible For Access Nigeria Pay Day Loan

To find out if you are eligible for an Access bank Payday loan, kindly dial *901*11# to check your eligibility and how much you qualify to get.

If you are eligible the system will prompt with how much you are due to get.

That is all we have for you about the Payday loan. We hope this guide has been helpful to you, and we wish to hear from you through our comment section.

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