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What Is The Meaning Of CPT

CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology. It is a medical code that is used to report medical and surgical procedures.

Also, procedure codes are used to report diagnostic procedures and services.

This code set is used by the American Medical Association (AMA) to serve as standardized terms and codes as a means to report procedures, as well as for insurance claims, medical and surgical records.

In addition to that, Current Procedural Terminology codes are used for statistical purposes.

Recommended reading: IRS Tax Code 846.

IS CPT Code A Procedure Code?

Yes. As you have seen from the definition, CPT codes are also used for procedural purposes.

In that case, CPT code 99214 is also a procedure code.

What Is The Difference Between CPT and ICD Codes?

There is a clear difference between ICD and CPT codes.

CPT codes are used to describe and report what procedure was actually performed on a patient, which includes surgical procedures, laboratory and diagnostic investigations, while ICD codes are specifically used to describe a medical condition or identify a diagnosis.

What Is CPT Code 99214 Definition (2022)

Here is what CPT procedure code 99214 means according to AAFP:

Office or other outpatient visit for evaluating and managing an established patient, which requires at least two of these three key components: a detailed history, a detailed examination, and medical decision-making of moderate complexity.

Current Procedural Terminology Code 99214 Time

According to practice.asco.org 2022 CPT Time Intervals, the ideal time to report procedure code 99214 is between 30 to 39 minutes.

In that case, a total time of 30 – 39 minutes must be spent on the date of the encounter.

According to aafp.org, however, the ideal time must be 30 minutes.

Procedure Code 99214 Reimbursement

For the current reimbursement rate for code 99214, please check this guide: https://therathink.com/cpt-code-99214/.

CPT Code 99214 Meaning Vs 99215

While code 99214 is a level four (4) code used for a patient with an established office visit, 99215 is a level five (5) code used for a patient with an established history.

For more information on Current Procedural Terminology 99214 and 99215, read this guide.

Note: This guide is based on best practices as published by authoritative sources and is for informational purposes only.

For specific cases, please consult a specialist.

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