Access Bank Visa Card Charges Guide

Access Bank Visa Card Charges Guide – Issuance, Renewal, & Monthly Fees

Today we are here with details about Access bank Visa Card charges, and if you hold an account with Access Bank Nigeria, you must take time to read this.

Many people have now adopted Visa cards as a form of payment, as online shopping is taking over the way we buy goods and services.

Today you can sit in the comfort of your home and purchase all that you want, and with just a click, you can make payment and your goods delivered to your doorstep.

That is how technology is changing the world, and to experience that, you must first apply for Visa Card from your bank.

The good news is that Access bank offers almost all kinds of payment cards type, and you can easily apply for one anytime you want.

However, you must know that acquiring the Visa card comes with charges and using it as well, but not extravagant charges that will freak you out, so relax.

We are here to show you all Access bank Visa and Credit card charges, and if your attention is with me, let’s begin.

Access Nigeria Card Issuance Charges

The Access bank Credit card issuance charge is the amount of money you pay before you are given the card.

In Nigeria, the Access bank Credit card issuance charge is N1,000 for all kinds of cards, either regular or premium cards.

Credit Card Renewal Fee Charges

Access bank Credit Card renewal fee charge is N1,000. That means that when your Access bank Credit card expires Nand you want to renew, you will be charged 1000 Naira.

Access Bank Debit Visa Card Issuance Charges

The Access bank Debit Visa Card issuance charge is the fee you must pay to apply for the card, that is, one-off money the charges you for taking the card.

Access bank Debit Visa Card is N1,000. So if when you apply for a Visa card from Access bank. In Nigeria, you are charged a fee of 1,000 Naira.

Debit Visa Card Renewal Charge

The Access bank Debit Visa card renewal charge is N1,000.

That means that when your Access bank Visa card expires, and you want to renew it, you will be charged 1,000 Naira as a renewal fee.

Access Nigeria Card Maintenance Charges

The Access bank card maintenance charges are fees Access bank takes from cards holder as service charges.

That charges are for the bank’s services to you, ensuring that your card is always available for use.

The card maintenance charges apply to both foreign and local Debit & Credit cards.

Here is the Access bank Visa Cards Maintenance Charges:

Foreign currency dominated Debit/Credit cards: $20 per annum, i.e., $20 for the whole year.

Naira Debit/Credit cards: N50 month, but if your card is linked to a current account, there no charges.

That is all we have for your about Access bank Visa card charges.

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