Access Bank IBAN Number

Access Bank IBAN Number – Send Money From Abroad With IBAN Number

You are welcome to another Access bank guide with full details about the Access bank IBAN Number.

Before you can receive money or transfer money from abroad to a beneficiary of Access bank Nigeria, you need the IBAN to make that transaction.

Money remittances have now become very easier, and unlike the days when money sent from abroad to a family member in Africa could take months to arrive, now it is no longer the case.

With the IBAN, your transactions are well facilitated, and within few days, the beneficiary will receive the funds.

However, you must ensure using the correct IBAN number before you make any money transfer to prevent making the wrong transfer.

Access bank Nigeria has a lot of customers, and you will agree that many of them might receive money from their relatives abroad.

Moreover, to be on the right side, you must give them the correct Access bank IBAN number.

Worry not. If you do not know the actual IBAN of Access bank in Nigeria, we shall show you soon. Therefore, let us begin.

What Is Access Bank IBAN Number

Access Bank IBAN number is an international bank account number for Access bank that you can use to make an international money transfer. It is used to identify individual bank accounts.

Types Of Access Bank IBAN Numbers

Access bank Nigeria currently has 3 IBAN numbers, including USD, GBP, and EURO IBANs. Depending on the location you are transferring the money from, there is a specific IBAN you should use.

What Are Access Nigeria Bank IBAN Numbers

Here all Access bank Nigeria IBAN numbers:

GBP(POUNDS) : GB27CITI18500811071211

EUR(EURO) : GB74CITI18500811071238.

Those are the Access bank IBAN numbers.

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