Access Bank Visa Card Guide

Access Bank Visa Card Guide – Ultimate Guide To Access Nigeria Visa Card

Are you aware Access bank now gives Visa Cards to its customers? It is life, and if you need details about the Access bank Visa Card, then this guide will be a great deal worth reading, as we are about to unfold all the details about the Access bank Nigeria Debit and Prepaid VisaCard.

Most banks now offer Visa cards to their clients for online payment and POS transactions.

However, not all of the cards offered by these banks can be used everywhere across the globe.

The truth is, some payment cards are only accepted locally, and others are accepted worldwide.

In this modern-day world, you will agree with me that no one wants limitations, and as such, you will need to have a Visa card that can be accepted globally.

That is why we recommend Access bank Visa Card for you. Read below for all the details.

What Is Access Bank Visa Card?

The Access bank VisaCard comes in the form of Debit and Prepaid, and you can use it to make payments in merchandise stores and online shopping sites.

It offers you payment flexibility, instant payment, and wide usage, which means it is accepted in many countries and online shopping stores.

It is very significant to get a payment card, as it comes with low fees and delivers a very efficient transaction gateway.

Access Bank Nigeria Debit Card

The Access bank Debit Visa Card comes in different types, and each one can be used for both local and international payments. Each one of them has a daily ATM limit and monthly POS and Web limit.

Types Of Access Bank Nigeria Debit Cards

Here are the types of Access bank Debit Visa Cards:

Visa NGN Classic

Visa Gold

Visa Platinum

Visa USD Debit

Those are all the types of cards available. You can apply for any of those cards, but before you do that, it is important to know the features of each one of them so as to determine the right one for you.

Access Bank Prepaid Visa Card

The Access bank Prepaid VisaCard is only available for international transactions.

That means that you can not use the Access bank Prepaid Visa Card for local transactions or payment, but for online purchases, it is accepted.

It has a daily ATM limit if $1,000 and monthly POS & web transactions of N2,000,000 and $3,000 respectively.

So, that is some details about the prepaid card types, and it is important to ensure that if you will use any of those cards, you will keep your expenditure within its daily limit.

However, in case the daily limit is far below your expenditure, you can reach out to your bank and request for limit increment.

That is all we have for you today and we implore you to always come back and read more, as we will be adding more relevant information to this guide.

We hope it was helpful to you, and to serve you better we will appreciate it if you can share with us your opinions through the comment box.

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