Absa Bank Ghana internet banking guide

Absa Bank Ghana Internet Banking – Complete Guide On How To Access Absa Bank Account Online

We warmly welcome you once again to another intriguing guide about how to register for Absa Bank Ghana internet banking.

As we have seen in our previous guides, we are dedicated to giving you the most straightforward steps to register or sing up for various internet banking services.

Today, if you find yourself reading this piece, it is obvious you want to know how you can register for the Absa internet banking account in Ghana.

You have come to the best place, and we are going to give you just that.

Remember, Barclays Bank has been rebranded as Absa bank, and therefore if you are still a customer or new member, be ready to enjoy more and improved services from Absa bank.

Internet banking has become an integral section of our modern-day banking services, and you will agree with me it is one of the best services offered to clients in recent times.

So why am I saying this?

Yes, imagine banking from the comfort of your Home, Office, or anywhere without having to join any queues to make transactions.

Yes, that is mind-blowing, and Witt the smallest internet connection, you can access your bank account on the go.

So if you are ready, let us see what you need to register.

Please note that you can walk to the nearest Absa branch in Ghana to register for Internet banking or register for the service online.

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What Must Have Before You Can Register For The Electronic Account

Here are the requirements for registering for the Absa bank Ghana online banking.

1) You must have an active Absa Ghana account with the bank.

2) Have with you an identity card, either passport, national ID, or Driver’s license.

3) Get your bank details.

So, if you meet all these requirements, let’s find out how you can sing up for the service.

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How To Register For Absa Bank Internet Banking In Ghana Online

Steps to register for Absa Bank online banking account in Ghana

Online Banking Registration

Here is how to register for the Absa Ghana internet banking account online:

1. Open your browser and visit the Absa bank Ghana official website here https://www.absa.com.gh/.

2. Choose Digital Banking.

3. Scroll up & find internet banking.

4. Click on “Tell me more” to continue your Absa Bank online banking registration.

5. On the page that displays, click on “Register“.

6. At this step, you are about to fill in your Absa customer information.

7. Select an identity card type(ID) example passport, National ID, or Driver’s license.

8. Type in the ID number, mostly you can see that at the back of your ID card.

9. Next step set in your date of birth, Witt the day, month, and year you were born.

10. Select either Credit Card or Account number each one that you are comfortable to use for the Absa Ghana internet banking registration.

11. Input in your Absa branch code, which is the code number of the branch where you opened your Absa bank account. You can use the branch lookup tab to search.

12. Now key in your account number or the last 6-digits of your Credit Card number depending on which one you choose in step 10.

13. Enter 7,8,9,14 of the debit card if your Credit Card number is 0123456789012345, and the 11th digit will be 0.

14. If you used your credit card type in your Credit Card expiry date with days and the year.

15. Next, enter the CVV of your Credit Card to continue your Absa Ghana internet banking account.

16. Now go through each step and see that all the details you entered are correct.

17. Click on “Term & Conditions” to ready and make sure you have understood it.

18. After reading the terms and conditions, if you still want to proceed with the registration, tick the small empty box.

19. Click on Next.

20. Follow the simple instructions in the next step to complete your internet banking registration.

That is how you can register for Absa internet banking in Ghana.

However, after you have successfully signed up for the service, the nest thing is to log in.

Find out in the next chapter how you can sing in, into your Online Banking account.

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How To Log Into Your Absa Bank Ghana Online Banking Account

Login To Your Bank Account Online

Here are the simple and complete steps you must follow to log into your Absa internet banking account:

  • Go to the Absa bank online banking website here https://online.absa.com.gh/.
  • Enter your Absa Ghana online banking Username.
  • Type in your password.
  • Check to see all login details entered are correct.
  • Now click on “Login”.
  • You will then be taken to your Absa Ghana internet banking dashboard.

That how you can log into your Absa online banking account in Ghana.

You have seen how you can register for the service and log into your account online, but what if you want to check your account balance?

Yes, read below to know how you can check your Absa Bank account balance.

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How To Check Your Absa Bank Ghana Internet Banking Account Balance

If you want to check your Absa Ghana online banking account balance, follow these steps below:

  1. On your phone or computer, visit the Absa online banking website here https://online.absa.com.gh/.
  2. Enter your Absa internet banking Username.
  3. Type in your secured password.
  4. Next, click on “Long in” to sign in to your Absa bank account online.
  5. If the login details you input is correct, your online banking account will open for you.
  6. Once you are logged in to your Absa Bank account, click on accounts to view your balance.

That was quick, and within minutes you can access your account and see your balance.

We do receive a lot of messages from our members who have lost their internet banking password.

If you find yourself in such a condition, do not panic as you can reset your password in a twinkle of an eye.

Let me show you.

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How To Recover or Reset Your Absa Online Banking Account Password In Ghana

Change Your Bank Account Password

Here are the simple steps you must follow to reset your Absa internet banking password online:

  • Visit the Absa Ghana internet banking website below https://online.absa.com.gh/.
  • Click on the “Forget password” button.
  • On the next page that opens, type in your Absa Bank online banking username you use to login.
  • Select the ID type, and make sure it is the same ID you used during the registration.
  • Input the number of your ID card.
  • Set up your date of birth and just match with the same one you used to register.
  • Input your Absa branch code.
  • In this step, you need to put in your account number or last six digits of your credit card number.
  • Now make sure to verify all the details you have entered are correct.
  • Now click on the “Next” button to reset your Absa Bank account password.
  • In the next chapter, follow the steps to reset your password.

That is how you can easily reset your Absa Ghana internet banking password.

If you have registered for the service or are about to register, find out below what you can do with your Online Banking account.

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Features & Benefits of The Digital Banking System

Some of the benefits of using the Absa Ghana internet banking account include the following:

1) With Absa internet banking services, you can pay your bills anytime, anywhere.

2) You can have access to your bank account and check your account balance when you want.

3) You can download and then print your Absa bank account statement online if you have registered for internet banking.

4) You can connect more than one bank account and access each simultaneously.

5) You can access your account even all time all day and even during weekends.

That is mainly all you must know to register, login to the Absa Bank Ghana internet banking account.

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