How to activate Wema Bank Nigeria USSD Code

How To Activate WEMA Bank Transfer Code, 2023, WEMA Nigeria USSD Code Activation

Today in this guide, we shall focus on how to activate the Wema Bank USSD transfer code on your phone.

After waiting for a long time, Wema Bank has finally released its transfer code for making transactions through USSD.

As we all know, mobile banking codes have paved the way for customers to perform unlimited transactions with their bank accounts at their fingertips by using bank transfer codes.

Wema Bank wished to make each of its customers experience a more comfortable way of banking, and that is why they introduced the Wema Bank USSD code in Nigeria.

Activating for Wema bank transfer code is effortless, and if you have a bank account with Wema bank, you are a few steps away from registering for the service.

What Is Wema Bank USSD Code

The Wema bank transfer code is available at all times, and you can make a transaction at any time.

Once you have activated the service on your phone, you can access it and make all your basics bank transactions.

The Wema Bank USSD Code is *945#.

Let us go straight to the point and see what you need to activate the USSD code on your phone.

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Requirements For Activating Wema Bank Nigeria USSD Code On Your Phone

Below are the exact things you need to activate Wema Bank transfer code on your phone:

1. Wema Bank account number.

2. Mobile phone number registered with Wema Bank.

See below for how to activate the Wema Bank USSD code.

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How To Activate Wema Bank Nigeria USSD Code

The following are the procedures for activating Wema Bank Nigeria transfer code:

  1. Simply dial *945# on your mobile phone number that is linked to your Wema mobile banking account.
  2. Follow the prompt on the next screen and choose the right option to continue the activation.
  3. Add the bank account you want to make transactions from.
  4. Set a secret PIN you want to use.
  5. Confirm your PIN to finish the activation process.

That is how you activate the Wema bank transfer code on your phone.

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How To Pay GOtv Subscription With Wema Mobile Banking Code [2022 Update]

Follow these simple steps if you want to pay your GOtv account using the Wema Bank transfer code:

  • On your mobile number registered with Wema Bank dial *945*17* GOtv smart card/IUC number#
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Input your PIN and complete the payment process.

That is all about how you can activate the Wema Bank USSD transfer code on your mobile phone.

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