How to activate FCMB Nigeris USSD Code

How To Activate FCMB Transfer Code, 2023, FCMB Nigeria USSD Code Activation

Are you looking for how to activate the FCMB bank Nigeria USSD transfer code on your phone?

You are at the right place, this guide has it all for you, and in a moment, we shall outline all the procedures you need to activate the FCMB bank Nigeria transfer code on your phone.

FCMB mobile banking offers the best you can ever get in the banking sector.

You can make transactions through your mobile phone number linked to your FCMB account without the internet for airtime.

Today, making a bank transfer is no longer a headache as you do not need to rush to the banking hall and join queues even for a little transaction.

You can do it all through the FCMB bank Nigeria USSD code.

Moreover, if you have an active bank account with FCBM Nigeria, you are one step away from activating the transfer code on your phone.

Let us go straight to the point and see what you need to activate for the FCMB Nigeria mobile banking code.

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Requirements For Activating FCMB Nigeria Transfer Code

The following are the things you need to activate the FCMB Nigeria USSD code on your phone:

1. Active FCMB bank account number.

2. A valid mobile phone number registered with FCMB bank Nigeria.

Read below to see how you can activate the USSD code.

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Steps To Activate FCMB Bank Nigeria USSD Code On Your Mobile Phone

These are the steps to follow if you want to activate the USSD code for FCMB on your phone:

  1. Dial the FCMB bank transfer code *329#.
  2. The next screen will present a lot of options to choose from.
  3. Select the right options to register.
  4. Choose activation with a bank account.
  5. Set up your secret PIN
  6. Confirm your PIN to complete the activation process.

That was fast, and you have completed activating FCMB Nigeria mobile banking code on your phone.

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What Is FCMB Bank Code

Each bank has its USSD code, and the same applies to FCMB bank in Nigeria.

It is available for all FCMB account holders to use.

The FCMB bank code is *329#.

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How Do I Activate USSD Code On FCMB

Activating for USSD of FCMB is effortless.

You need to have an account with FCBM bank in Nigeria, and you are good to go if you want to activate the USSD code on FCMB dial *329# and follow the prompts.

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How Do I Find My FCMB Account Number On My Phone [2022 Update]

If you went to check your FCMB account number on your mobile phone, follow the steps below:

Dial *329*00# on your mobile phone number registered with FCMB.

Input the last four(4) digits of your MasterCard or your FCMB USSD banking secret PIN.

Wait for a few minutes.

You will receive an SMS with your bank account number.

Furthermore, with this guide, you have all the necessary steps to activate the FCMB Nigeria USSD transfer code on your phone.

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