How to register, login, and change password of FCMB Nigeria internet banking account

FCMB Nigeria Internet Banking – Register, Login & Use FCMB Nigeria Online Banking

Are you a resident in Nigeria? And want to know how to for FCMB Nigeria internet banking Nigeria? You are at the right place.

We have every detail information on how to register for First City Monument Bank online banking in Nigeria.

We will show you a more natural way you can apply for FCMB online banking in Nigeria.

It does not require much for you to register, and to be frank with you, once you are a registered customer, you are eligible for the service.

We all know how significant having an internet banking account is and the benefits it comes with it.

Once you sing up for the service, you have total control over your FCMB account, and you make transcriptions at any time.

Unlike other banks where registration for online banking is a real bear situation, FCMB bank has the easiest way to sing up for its service.

Though FCMB bank Nigeria offers the easiest procedure to register for internet banking, yet some people still have challenges doing it.

That is why this article is here is to assist you to sing up for the service quickly.

Let’s see what you need to sing up for the service.

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Requirements For FCMB Nigeria Internet Banking Service

Before you can register for FCMB online banking, you should have the following:

  • You should have an active bank account with FCBM, Nigeria
  • Account number
  • Valid mobile phone number
  • Active personal email address
  • Debit card

If you have all the above, you are one step away from Signing up for the service.

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How To Register For FCMB Nigeria Online Banking Service

Here are the steps to follow to register for FCMB Bank internet banking in Nigeria:

  1. Visit FCMB Nigeria Internet banking website here
  2. Click on the “Register Now” button to signup.
  3. Take your time to read their terms and conditions thoroughly, and make sure you understand.
  4. After reading, if you still want to continue to register, click on “I Agree“.
  5. Enter your FCMB account number.
  6. Type in the name on your bank account and continue the FCMB internet banking account.
  7. Input in your mobile phone number, which be one registered with FCMB.
  8. Type your email address and make sure it is an active one
  9. Choose a login name you prefer to use, and I recommend it must be simple.
  10. Click on select and from the drop-down pick “Yes“.
  11. Select your FCMB Card type, either Master, Visa, or Verve card.
  12. Input in your Car number, which is written boldly in front of your card.
  13. Now, enter the expiry date of the type of card you selected in step 11.
  14. Go through and make sure all the details entered are correct.
  15. Now click on submit to complete the FCMB Nigeria internet banking.
  16. Follow the next instructions on the next page and complete your registration.

Congratulations, you have registered for FCMB internet banking successfully.

Now, you have completed your registration, and your account is active, so the next thing is to log into your account.

Find out below.

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How To Log Into FCMB Nigeria Online Banking Account

Follow these steps below to log into your FCMB internet banking account online:

  • Visit on your phone or computer
  • Enter your FCMB online banking Login ID.
  • Type in your password.
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • Your account will open within minutes if your credentials are correct.

If you are interested to know how you can check your account balance read more in the next section.

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How To Check Your Bank Account Balance

These are the procedures you should follow if you want to check your FCMB Nigeria bank account balance online.

1. Go to the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Nigeria online banking website here

2. Type in your FCMB Username.

3. Input your password.

4. Click on the “Login” button to continue and check your bank account balance.

5. Once your account opens, navigate to accounts click on the account number you want to view its balance, and your current balance will display.

That is how you can easily check your FCMB account balance online.

Often, people forget their passwords, and it is not out of negligence, but it’s something that can happen to everyone.

When that happens, logging into your account becomes impossible. As we always do, we give you answers to all your problems.

See in the next section how you can recover your password when you forget it.

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How To Recover or Reset Your FCMB Internet Banking Password When You Forget It

Below are the steps you must follow to reset your FCMB Nigeria internet banking password when you forget it:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Forgot password” button.
  • Type in your User ID.
  • If you set up some security questions type in any of your answers, you remember.
  • Click on “Submit” to continue the FCMB password recovery.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions to reset your password.

Furthermore, you have to see heard a lot about FCMB online banking, but what can you enjoy and the features available on the service.

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Features & Benefits Of The Online Banking Service

These are the features of the online banking service.

1. Past your domestic utility bills instantly sat any time.

2. Check your account balances.

3. View your bank account information

4. But airtime on your phone.

5. Send and receive funds from friends.

6. Access your transaction history over a period.

7. Add multiple accounts.

That is how to login, register, and use the FCMB Bank Nigeria internet banking account. 

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