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Nedbank Namibia Internet Banking – Register & Login To Online Banking Account

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Nedbank Namibia has introduced an internet a lot of banking services, including Nedbank Namibia internet banking.

Today, almost all Namibians, banking with Nedbank, also uses the Nedbank internet banking services.

It is a convenient way of banking, and it brings you closer to your bank account.

Besides, before you can use internet banking, you must have a device with an internet connection.

Whereas it is straightforward to register for the Nedbank online banking in Namibia, a few people have sent us messages seeking the registration process.

If you are one of those people, so not worry, we are here for you.

Today’s article is intended to show you how to register and apply for Nedbank internet banking in Namibia

There a lot you will learn to do with the Nedbank internet banking.

Now that we have known a little about the Nedbank Namibia internet banking, let’s see how we can apply it.

Requirements For The Internet Banking Service

Before you can use Nedbank online banking, you must have the following.

1) Bank account with Nedbank Namibia

1) Profile Number

2) Passwords.

Without having a bank account with Nedbank, you can not use their internet y service.

Also, you will need a Profile Number and a password to log I to your internet banking account.

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How To Apply Or Register For Nedbank Namibia Internet Banking

Steps to register for Nedbank account online

Nedbank Online Banking

Follow the steps below if you want to apply or register for Nedbank Namibia internet banking:

  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the website, you will see Apply online, Contact Us, and internet banking.
  3. Click on the “Go” in front of internet banking.
  4. You will be taken to the Nedbank site for internet banking.
  5. At the bottom right corner of the site, you will see Apply personal internet banking.
  6. Click on Apply personal internet Banking.
  7. The Nedbank Namibia online banking application form will open in a PDF format for you.
  8. Download the application form and print it into a hard copy.
  9. Before you fill the form make sure you read to understand their terms and conditions
  10. Now, fill the form with all the required and correct information.
  11. Submit the form to your bank and complete your internet banking application.
  12. The beach officer at the bank will assist you in completing your application
  13. You will be issued a Profile number at the bank, which you will use to log into your internet banking account.

If you have gone through this process, then you are now Nedbank internet banking clients. You can now bank on the go as your bank account is close to your fingertips.

Now that you have successfully registered for Nedbank internet banking. The next thing is to log in and start making some transactions.

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How To Log Into Your Nedbank Namibia Internet Banking Account

If you want to log into your Nedbank web banking account, it is elementary.

How To login To Your Bank Account Online

Login To Your Bank Account

You can follow the steps below to log into your Nedbank Namibia internet banking account:

It is so comfortable in a few steps you are now logged into your account.

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How To Recover Or Change Your Nedbank Internet Banking Password

Often, when you don’t use your internet banking account for a while, you may forget your password.

In some cases, you may accidentally have forgotten your password, whichever the case may be, you can quickly recover your password.

Follow the step below to recover your Nedbank Namibia online banking account quickly.

In the case where you remember your password, but you want to change it. In this case, what you have to do is, log into your account and use the change password option to change your password.

If you have forgotten your profile number and can log in, contact the Nedbank Namibia service desk during office hours on the telephone number below.

Telephone: +264 61 295 2222

You can also contact them through the email address below.

Here is the email address of Nedbank Namibia.

Email: [email protected].

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How To Check Your Nedbank Online Banking Account

Checking your Nedbank Namibia online bank account is the easiest thing to do, and it will not take you a minute to check your balance.

You can follow the steps below to check your Nedbank online bank account:

  • Open your browser and visit the Nedbank online banking website here
  • Fill in your log in details in the login section.
  • Next, click on Login.
  • Upon logging into your account, click on the view summary of the account.
  • Your account balance will be displayed boldly on your screen.

That was swift, and you have now checked your bank account balance.

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What Are The Benefits Of Making Transactions Online

Someone may ask, what are the benefits Nedbank internet banking has over other Banks?

If you are a Nedbank Namibia online banking client, you are entitled to a lot of benefits when you sign up.

The following are features of Nedbank internet banking.

1) You can make transactions online, paying for goods and services all on your phone or laptop.

2) You can access your bank account on the go, 24 hours a day.

3) Send money to another bank account at any time.

4) You don’t pay fees for accessing your account, but only a few fees on the transaction you make.

5) You can pay your tax, utility bills, and many more through your online bank account.

6) You can add an remove a beneficiary on your account.

There are many more you can enjoy if you are a Nedbank Namibia online banking client.

That is how easy to register and use the Nedbank internet banking in Namibia.

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