How to activate Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD code

How To Activate Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD Transfer Code – Follow This Activation Process

Are you still struggling to know how to activate the Polaris Bank USSD transfer code?

Relax, because we have a step-by-step guide for you to follow and complete the transfer code activation.

Polaris Bank Nigeria has introduced a USSD code you can use to perform transactions on your phone, including buying airtime for yourself and your family.


You can also transfer money to any of your friends from other banks via Polaris Bank Nigeria transfer code.

When you want to activate the USSD transfer code for Polaris Bank in Nigeria, it is effortless and swift.

There is zero to worry about if you have no idea how to activate Polaris Bank Nigeria transfer code on your phone.

Today’s guide will give you full details on how you can activate for the service in a few simple steps.

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Requirements For Activating Polaris Bank Nigeria Transfer Code

These are the things you need to activate for Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD code:

1. Mobile phone.

2. Active and valid sim card registered with Polaris Bank.

3. Polaris Bank account number.

Read below and find out how to activate the USSD Code.

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How To Activate Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD Transfer Code On Your Phone

Below are the steps you must to follow to activate Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD transfer code:

  • On your mobile number registered with Polaris Bank Nigeria dial *833#.
  • After dialing the Polaris mobile banking code, proceed with the activations.
  • Enter your Polaris Bank account number to continue the activation process.
  • Set up a PIN by entering a four(4) digit you can remember.
  • After you set up your PIN, your account balance will be displayed.
  • You have successfully activated Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD code.

That is how you can activate the transfer code for Polaris Bank in Nigeria on your phone.

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How Do I Get My Polaris Bank BVN Using USSD Transfer Code

If you want to get your Polaris Bank verification number, dial *565*0# on your phone number attached to your Polaris Bank account number.

Your BVN will be delivered to your phone.

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How Do I Link My BVN To Polaris Bank Nigeria

If you want to link your BVN to Polaris Bank Nigeria, visit the nearest branch and apply for your BVN to be linked to your account.

Also, remember you will have all the details of your account before you go to the bank.

That is all you need to know about how to activate Polaris Bank Nigeria USSD transfer code for making bank transactions.

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