Absa Petrol Rewards

Absa Petrol Rewards, How To Qualify & Requirements

Are you interested to learn about the Absa petrol rewards in South Africa? Check out this guide.

Every time you use your Absa credit card, you earn cash rewards to buy fuel at a participating Sasol fuel station.

You need to swipe your card at the petrol station to earn reward points.

You must be registered to the Absa rewards program to earn cashback from the Absa petrol reward partners.

We will first show you the key things you need to know about the petrol rewards.

What You Need To Know About Absa Petrol Rewards

You earn cashback on the first R3 000 you spend with your credit card at the partner fuel station.

Petrol rewards exclude bill payments, prepaid airtime, electricity, and lotto purchases.

The cash rewards are paid into your Absa rewards account to redeem anytime you wish.

You have to register for Absa online banking or download the Absa mobile app to redeem and keep track of your rewards.

These are the key things to note about the Petrol rewards in South Africa.

Absa Credit Card Fuel Rewards

Tier 1 clients earn 1.00% cash rewards for purchasing petrol with an Absa credit card.

Tier 2 clients earn 1.50% cashback for petrol purchases at a reward partner.

Tier 3 clients earn 2.50% cashback for petrol purchases.

Tier 4 clients earn 6.50% cashback, and tier 5 customers earn 30% cashback.

What Are The Petrol Reward Tiers

The rewards are calculated according to the type of credit card you use and the qualified tier level.

There are five reward tiers, with tier one having 0 to 479 points.

Tier 2 has 480 to 579 reward points.

Tier 3 has 580 to 679 reward points.

Tier 4 has 680 to 779 reward points.

Rewards points above 780 are categorized under tier 5.

These are the reward tiers for Petrol rewards in South Africa.

This is all you need to know about Absa petrol rewards in South Africa.

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