Absa Fidelity ADT Rewards,

Absa Fidelity ADT Rewards, How To Qualify & Benefits

Do you want to know more about the Absa fidelity ADT rewards in South Africa, then read the following quick guide?

The ADT rewards refer to integrated retail performance and security rewards given to Absa customers.

With the bank rewards, customers earn up to 10% cashback monthly fidelity ADT subscriptions and installation of alarm systems.

We will now show you precisely what you need to know about fidelity ADT rewards in South Africa.

What You Need To Know

This offer is only applicable to Absa reward members.

Your rewards tier determines the percentage of cash you earn, and when you earn, it doesn’t apply to other bank payments.

Your offer is available for renewed Absa fidelity ADT contracts.

If you are under the age of 55, you cannot move beyond tier one unless you are registered on the Absa banking app.

It excludes rented systems, call-out fees, electric fencing, and localized security schemes.

This is what you need to know about Absa ADT rewards in South Africa.

How To Redeem Absa Fidelity ADT Rewards In South Africa

You can access your cash rewards through the channels listed below:

  • Absa online banking
  • Absa banking app
  • ATM
  • USSD banking
  • WhatsApp banking

You can also redeem your cash rewards for:

  • For saving them into your unit trust
  • For your prepaid airtime
  • For vouchers
  • donation to charities like the world vision, Nelson Mandela children’s hospital, and Sesego care.
  • You can cash into your transactional account.

These are how you can redeem your cash rewards in Absa ADT rewards in South Africa 

Absa Fidelity ADT Rewards

You get cash back rewards in your pocket every time you receive the rewards.

The rewards score lets you move up tiers, and the higher your tier, the more you stand a chance of winning more rewards.

Through the Absa fidelity rewards, you get morale to keep using Absa and get rewards for the cashback.

This is how Absa fidelity ADT rewards work in South Africa.

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