Ecobank Savings Account Requirements

Ecobank Savings Account Requirements, 2023, All The Things You Need

Here is a simplified guide for all who want to know Ecobank savings account requirements.

With many customers in various countries around the globe, Ecobank has become one of the known names in the financial mainstream. 

It provides convenient services and products like savings or current accounts and loan facilities, among others, to many individuals. 

At Ecobank, there is a wide range of savings accounts to serve the needs of individuals who want to operate one. 

However, to avoid making countless visits to their branches to open a savings account because you did not meet the requirements, it is essential to read the paragraphs below to find out the Ecobank Savings account requirements to avoid facing such a frustrating situation.

Ecobank Savings Account Requirements

Kindly refer below for the Ecobank savings account requirements:

  • Fill out the account opening form
  • An original and valid government-issued ID. Any of these is accepted; driver’s license, national ID, passport, and authorized Student ID card-for students.
  • Two (2) passport size pictures 
  • Proof of residential address
  • Residence permit for foreigners
  • Answer questions on the Know Your Customer (KYC) document.

Non Resident

  • Completed account application form
  • A valid ID to confirm the identity of the applicant. You can present a passport or driver’s license.
  • Documents to serve as Proof of address
  • Two (2) passport photographs 
  • Employment status 
  • Answer questions on the “Know Your Customer (KYC) document.”

Country-Specific Additional Requirements

These are for specific nations.

1. Proof of earnings (Senegal, Central African Rep.(CAR), Chad)

2. Tax Identification Certificate (The Gambia)

3. 2 References (Nigeria)

4. Alien ID in place of residence permit (Kenya)

5. 2 letters of introduction (Kenya)

6. PIN certificate (Kenya)

7. National Health Insurance Card as a form of ID (Ghana)

8. Student “Supplementary form” or “Admission form” as a form of identification for students’ accounts (Ghana)

9. A thumbprint of the authorized signatories of the accounts – Mandate Card (Tanzania)

Kindly note that foreigners’ account applications may be examined based on specific requirements per the banking laws. 

Requirements To Open Ecobank Savings Account Online

The following are the requirements to open an Ecobank savings account online:

  • Select the appropriate nationality
  • Choose account type 
  • Personal information: name, mobile number, email 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Picture of your accepted IDs
  • Proof of residence 

Optional documents: this may include; 

Signed letter from someone already operating an account with Ecobank, letter of introduction from employers, Utility bill, Tenancy agreement, or Resident permit.

Difference Between Savings And Current Account

At Ecobank, savings accounts differ from current accounts based on their operation.

A savings account does not allow day-to-day financial transactions, whereas a current account allows. 

Kindly read the terms and conditions surrounding how these accounts are operated to find out more about them.

For more inquiries on Ecobank savings account requirements, kindly email Ecobank customer support via or visit their website at to know the specific contact line for your country. 

This is all that we have for you.

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