How Does Absa Cardless Withdrawal Work

How Does Absa Cardless Withdrawal Work 2023, Cardless Transfer Guide

Are you curious to know how Absa cardless withdrawal work in South Africa? Read through this article to learn.

We will first show you what cardless withdrawal is.

What Is Absa Cardless Withdrawal

This is a digital function on automated Teller Machines (ATM) where you can transact without a debit card.

This enables fast, secure, and smooth transactions. 

You can access your cash without a physical debit card. You just need a code number and a reference number.

We will now show you exactly how the system works in South Africa.

How Does Absa Cardless Withdrawal Work

The service allows customers to use a QR code from the Absa banking app to withdraw money.

In South Africa, you only need a 6-digit code sent to you by the sender and a 10-digit reference number from the bank to withdraw cash.

To do cardless withdrawal in South Africa, please follow the steps below:

  1. You need to go to an ATM which offers CashSend Absa services
  2. Next, select CashSend  
  3. Next, select CashSend withdrawal
  4. After that, enter the 10-digit reference number sent to your phone
  5. Next, enter the 6-digit code sent by the sender of the money
  6. Next, fill in the total amount sent as only the full amount can be withdrawn
  7. When the transaction is verified, the money will be handed over to you.

Safety Precautions To Take At The ATM

We will now show you the basic safety precautions to take at the ATM to avoid any fraud.

Below are some safety precautions:

  • Choose an ATM in a well-lit place where you are visible and feel safe.
  • Cancel the transaction immediately if you think an ATM is faulty.
  • Do not use an ATM where the card slot, keypad or screen looks like it has been tampered with.
  • Be cautious of strangers who are offering to help you at the ATM as they could be trying to distract you from getting your card details or PIN.
  • Most importantly, always shield the keypad (Touchpad) with your hand when you enter your PIN.
  • If your card is lost, jammed, or retained, call the Absa stop line immediately on 0800 111 155 to stop your card.
  • Finally, if you need assistance, ask an Absa bank official but beware of imposters. 

A staff member will never ask you for your PIN or request you to swipe your card through a handheld card reader.

This is all the information about Absa cardless withdrawal in South Africa.

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