How Does Assupol Cashback Work

Ultimate Guide To How Does Assupol Cashback Work

If you are searching for how Assupol cashback work, then this is the blog post to read. It is a comprehensive blog post with all the details you need to know and thus understand how Assupol cashback works.

It is my guess you have heard about or been told you can get cashback after you buy the Assupol policy.

The cashback is among the benefits, and you need to understand how it works if it is included in the benefits of the policy you bought.

It is important to note not all Assupol policies which come with cashback benefits; thus, check to see if the policy you subscribed to includes this benefit.

How Does Assupol Cashback Work

Assupol is an insurance company with operations in South Africa. The Company has its policies tailored to meet the needs of all South Africans.

The Company offers cashback if you buy, for instance, the funeral cover among the policy benefits.

It is easy to understand how Assupol cashback works.

The first thing to know is that cashback is among the benefits included in the policy you buy.

As a policyholder, you get the cashback after the stipulated time on the policy.

In the Assupol cashback, you get to claim after four years if you buy the funeral cover.

Even if you claim the cashback, the nominee gets the full amount assured on the policy in case of death, and the cashback claimed while alive will not be deducted.

How The Assupol Claim Process Work

The process of claiming cashback at Assupol is easy.

The process of claim starts if you qualify for the cashback.

Assupol does send SMS to all policyholders who qualify for the claim.

If you are interested in the cashback, you visit the Assupol website and search for your claim type, down claim form, fill it and send it to Assupol offices.

You have to attach all required documents, and after verifying you qualify for the claim, it will be validated.

The claim will be approved and processed within 24 hours. 

That is all we have for you on how Assupol cashback work.

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