How Long Assupol Claims Take

Here Is How Long Assupol Claims Take In South Africa

Do you want to know how long do Assupol claims take. I’ll be explaining about three claim deaths, savings withdrawal, and maturity claim.

Therefore, if you have bought any of these Assupol covers, this is the blog post to read to know long you will have to wait after filing your claim before receiving the compensation or the funds you have been saving.

How Long Do Assupol Claims Take

How long an Assupol claim take may depend on the type of claims they have different type of policies and products.

For that reason, some claims may be faster or will require a smaller time compared to others.

How Long Does Assupol Death Claim Take

If you have bought funeral or life cover from Assupol after the policyholder’s death, its beneficiary is supposed to file a death claim for compensation.

Assupol recognizes that losing a loved one is never easy, which is why filing a claim is simple and painless.

You can fill your claim online or down the claim form fill and send it to the Company.

You will be paid a legitimate funeral benefit within 24 hours of obtaining full claim evidence.

You will receive an SMS acknowledging receipt with a tracking number once you have submitted all of the papers.

How Long Does Assupol Savings Withdrawal Claim Take

If you have been subscribed to the Assupol savings products, you can file your claim after five years.

The amount you get from the claim depends on the savings products you have taken.

The claim process is straightforward, and once your claim and all supporting documents have been received, you will receive an SMS with a tracking number acknowledging receipt of your claim.

Withdrawal claims are processed and paid within four business days.

How Long Does Assupol Maturity Claim Take

It is easy to get your funds after maturity time is over.

The whole process of claiming has been made easier.

You even get a notification through SMS after your policy has matured and can start the claiming process.

 Once your claim has been by Assupol and you have attached all required documents, you will receive an SMS acknowledging receipt.

The maturity benefits are paid within three workdays after submitting all required documents.

It is important to note that you need to have all documents for easy and fast processing of claims.

Failure to have any of the required documents will result in a delay in the claim processing.

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