How Do I Claim At Assupol

How Do I Claim At Assupol, Follow These Steps

If you are searching, how do I claim at Assupol you have come to the right place. Here I’ll share with you step by step what you have to do in the process of claiming your policy, whether it is funeral, life, or retirement policy.

It may seem a daunting process if it is your first time to claim at Assupol; however, here we break it down for you.

By reading this blog post, you will realize how easy it is to claim from them.

For the better undertaking of the whole process, we will start with understanding the meaning of a claim.

What Is Insurance Claim

The claim here refers to a form requesting the Assupol as the policyholder to pay the compensation or cover following a loss or policy event.

As a policyholder, you have to file the claim formally, and Assupol will evaluate your claim, either issue the compensation or deny it.

The compensation depends on the cover you had bought from the insurance company.

After Assupol accepts your request, you get compensation based on the policy or agreement with Assupol.

Sometimes the interested party may claim a policy on behalf of the insured, like in case of death.

Requirements For Assupol Policy Claims

The following are the requirements you need to have when claiming at Assupol:

  • Policy number
  • Your basic information (name, surname, ID number, contact details),
  • The deceased’s details
  • Your documents on hand

If you have the requirements

Claim At Assupol Online 

The first option on how to claim at Assupol is online. You have to visit their website, log in to your client account, and click on file claim.  

Equally, after visiting the Assupol website and selecting the policy you bought, for instance, funeral cover, there is a claim button on that page.

Click it and follow the prompts.

If the process of filling the details online is tiresome, you can download the claim form, fill it and submit it to the nearest offices.  

Visit The Nearest Assupol Office For Claims

You can also claim by visiting the nearest Assupol branch. They have offices spread over South Africa.

Thus, there is one near you. At their offices, you’ll be guided on the claim process.         

After launching your claim and submitting all required documents, you’ll receive an SMS acknowledging the claim.

You’ll receive a receipt from Assupol with the claim tracking number.

If you have issues with your claims, you can seek assistance by dialing 0861 235 664 or sending an email at

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