How To Become An Assupol Agent

How To Become An Assupol Agent, Assupol Merchant Application

If you are searching for becoming an Assupol Agent, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll share with you what you ought to do.

Moreover, I’ll share details about the Assupol agent.

Becoming an Assupol agent is everyone if you would like to start your agent insurance job. 

As you will see, the process of becoming an Assupol agent is not complicated.

Let first know the roles you’ll be playing when you become an Assupol agent.

The Roles Of Assupol Agent

After submitting your request to become an Assupol agent and being approved, your main role is to sell Assupol policies and products to consumers.

You’ll get paid in terms of commission depending on how much you have sold.

As an agent, it is important to select the right policies and products that are easier for you to sell to make good money.

In addition, as an Assupol merchant, you are responsible for devising strategies to sell various forms of insurance, evaluating the needs of a business or individual, and recommending insurance plans that fit their requirements.

Building relationships to expand a client base.

How To Become An Assupol Agent

Assupol offers the opportunity to South Africans who would like to become an agent to apply.

If their request is approved, they will be given the mandate to become Assupol agents.

Therefore, if you have been wondering how to become an Assupol agent, here is what you need to do.

Decide What Kind Of Insurance Agent

When starting your insurance agent business, you will need to decide between two types of insurance agents, either captive or independent.

You Want To Becaptive Insurance Agent

A captive agent is someone who solely works for one organization, usually a large national insurer.

The captive corporation gives the agent training and support.

In exchange, the agent will only represent the company’s products and will not sell policies for other companies.

Independent Insurance Agent

An independent agent, commonly known as an insurance broker, is a type of agent who works with more than one insurance company.

The agent obtains policy quotations from a variety of providers to locate the best plans and prices.

Independent agents have more product options; however, they receive less training and support from the insurance companies with which they work.

Instead of depending on marketing support from well-known insurers, agents must create their brand in the markets they serve, making the road to becoming an independent insurance agent more difficult.

Decide Which Insurance Products You Will Sell

Determining the type of insurance agent, you will also be deciding which policy and products you will be selling.

Assupol offers various insurance policies, funeral and life cover, among other products such as retirement.

Complete Application Form

The last step on how to become an Assupol agent is to fill in the application form. Visit the Assupol official website.

You’ll see the application form to become a merchant, fill in all required fields, and click submit.

After Assupol reviews your application, they will contact you.

If you have inquired, you can contact Assupol by dialing 0861 235 664 or send an email at

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