Does Assupol Have A Hospital Plan

Does Assupol Have A Hospital Plan, Yes Assupol Health+

If you are searching to know if Assupol has a hospital plan, here I’ll share with you about Assupol Health +. It is important to have a hospital plan to help cover the bill if you fall ill.

The health + benefits are only paid for hospitalizations deemed medically necessary by Assupol chief medical officer and approved by a certified medical professional registered with the South African Health Professional Council.

There are other essential details you ought to know about this health + offered by Assupol, like what is covered and what it doesn’t cover, to see if it suits you or not.

What Does Assupol Hospital Plan (Health +) Doesn’t Cover?

The following are under which the Assupol Hospital Plan (health +) does not cover:

  • Hospitalization for infertility investigation or treatment
  • Hospitalization in cure clinics or hydros, rehabilitation, or sub-acute or step-down facilities
  • Hospitalization as a preventive measure or for quarantine purposes
  • Hospitalization for elective procedures or investigation purposes
  • Hospitalization for cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Hospitalization for dental or optical diseases and treatment, unless an injury has occurred.
  • Hospitalization for cosmetic treatments or investigations
  • Hospitalization resulting from or following alcohol or drug addiction includes treatment of any medical condition that, in the opinion of our consulting physician, is either a root cause of or directly related to alcohol or drug addiction.
  • All mental illnesses or disorders, including but not limited to eating disorders, anxiety disorders, affective disorders, or personality disorders.
  • Hospitalization as a result of self-inflicted injury or attempted suicide
  • Hospitalization for the study or treatment of obesity
  • Hospitalization for the investigation or treatment of pain or pain-related conditions (including bed rest, traction, physiotherapy, medication, or intravenous medication) Hospitalization for infertility treatments
  • Hospitalization for abortion that is not medically necessary

If you are hospitalized or have any other medical issue not highlighted above, you stand to claim the benefits.

Assupol Hospital Plan (Health +) Waiting Periods

Benefits for claims filed within three months of the start of coverage for that life insured will not be paid.

This is referred to as a “waiting period.” For hospitalization due to an accident, there are no waiting periods.

Benefits will also not be provided if the hospitalization begins within the waiting period and continues after the waiting period has expired.

Assupol Health + Benefit Limits

If you get this health +, the maximum benefit amount payable is R20, 000 per life insured every policy year, regardless of the number of hospital hospitalizations for that life insured during that insurance year.

That is all we have for you about the Assupol hospital plan.

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