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Does Assupol Have Cashback, Yes, Login, Claim Cash Back 100% Refund

If you are searching whether Assupol has cashback, this is the blog post to read. Here, you will get to know if Assupol offers a refund and when to claim the cashback and under which cover you get the cashback.

Thus this is a comprehensive blog post covering everything you ought to know about Assupol refund.

Who Qualifies For Assupol Cashback

Assupol offers cashback to everyone who buys the funnel policy or Assupol’s Progress 4 Sure and Progress 4Life policies.

The cashback is listed among the benefits which come along with buying Assupol’s funeral policy or cover.

If you buy the Progress 4Sure and Progress 4Life policies, you can get 100% cashback.

How Can I Get Assupol Cashback (Cash Back Claim)

According to Assupol, if you pay your premium for 10-15 years, you qualify to claim 100% cashback under funeral cover.

For the company to issue the cashback, there should be no claim submitted against the policyholder within 10-15 years.

You also can claim the cashback after three or four years, and the benefits depend on your premium under the funeral policy.

However, before you qualify for the 100% cashback, only a portion is paid back to you.

The company notifies you through SMS when you qualify for cashback and can choose when to claim it or wait until it is 100 % cashback.

Assupol Cash Back Login

For most people, you do not need to login into your MyAssupol client portal to claim your cash back.

You can easily fill out your information on the website here

However, if you have logged in to your account, you can request for a refund via the portal.

Life Cover Cashback

The process for getting a refund for the Life Cover is the same for most of the policies.

You can follow the instructions in this guide to get your Life Cover Cashback.

Assupol Cash Back Period

According to Assupol, the cash back period is 10 to 15 years.

As we have said in the earlier part of this guide, you can also claim your cash back after a period of three (3) or four (4) years have elapsed.

What Are The Benefits?

The cash back benefits you enjoy largely depends on your premium.

Also, the period for which you have contributed is a factor that determines your insurance benefits.

What Assupol Policies Have Cashback

If you would like to buy an Assupol policy with cashback, options are available for you.

For you to make an informed decision on which policy is best, it is significant to talk to a financial advisor.

Many policy advantages are optional, and clients may require additional information to make informed choices. 

According to Assupol, per year, they do pay around R50 million in funeral cover cash backs, with clients receiving six premiums back every four years.

Assupol continues to produce customized solutions for its clients with an innovative approach, and it stays steadfast in its mission to serve South Africans.

Therefore, if you wonder if Assupol has a refund, the answer is yes, and they are different policies.

More so, the amount of cashback you get depends on your premium.

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