How Do I Cancel My Assupol Policy

How Do I Cancel My Assupol Policy, Find Ways To Terminate Your Policy

There are several reasons why you may wish to cancel your Assupol policy. Well, if you no longer need that Assupol policy, here I’ve compiled various ways on how to terminate your policy.

Whether you would like to switch to another policy or you have found another insurance company offering a better insurance policy, and now the option left is to cancel the Assupol policy, the company doesn’t deny you the option.

Therefore, if you have been looking at how I cancel my Assupol Policy, below are the options available for you.

Contact Assupol Customer Care To Cancel A Policy

The first option on how you can cancel your insurance policy is through contacting Assupol customer care.

Assupol is a South Africa Company, and you can call using any mobile network provider by dialing 0861 235 664.

Customer care will enlighten you on canceling the policy, which will involve filling cancelation form among other documents to make it official.

Request To Cancel Your Assupol Policy Via Email

Another option you can opt for when you would like to close the Assupol insurance policy is to send a cancellation email to the company.

The Assupol email address is at

It will take some time for you to receive a response from the company, probably within three working days.

Visit The Nearest Assupol Office To Close A Policy

The other option available whenever you wish to cancel the Assupol plan is to visit their offices. Assupol has its offices spread out in South Africa in all provinces.

At Assupol offices, you will get assisted on the policy cancellation process and what you need to do.

You should expect to do some paperwork.

You’ll also get to know the implication of canceling the policy.

Avoid Paying Premiums To Close Assupol Plans

You can also close the Assupol policy if you stop paying the monthly premium.

When you don’t pay your policy premium after the grace period is over after your due date of making the premium payment, it will automatically cancel your policy.

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