Absa Titanium Credit Card

Absa Titanium Credit Card, 2023, How To Apply, Benefits & Requirements

In our guide today, we will discuss the Absa titanium credit card in South Africa.

A titanium credit card is a heavy stylish card made of stainless steel and carbon designed for professionals and postgraduates.

We will start showing you the benefits you accrue from using this card.

What Are The Benefits Of Absa Titanium Credit Card

The card combines a built-in LCD and a touch-sensitive button for enhanced control and security.

You have access to food and lifestyle offers at the selected partner merchants.

You get free basic travel insurance that covers all your travel expenses from baggage delays, travel accidents, rental car collision waivers, flight cancellation, or any medical emergencies.

You are automatically subscribed to the Absa rewards program and earn cash back on your purchases.

These are the significant benefits of the Absa titanium credit card in South Africa.

 Absa Titanium Credit Card

This card though not among the top-rated MasterCard’s has ample premium benefits to the cardholders, including insurance benefits and 24/7 service with no hidden fees.

The card incorporates the Tap & Go feature from MasterCard, which liberates the cardholders from security risks and inconveniences associated with cash payments.

If you have a premium banking account, you do not have to pay a monthly maintenance fee.

You get purchase protection, meaning that your card is protected whenever you use it to swipe.

The balance transfers that post to your Absa account in the first 57 days of account opening get 0% APR from the date of transfer.

This is how the Absa titanium card works in South Africa.

How To Change Your Credit Limit

The bank sets up your credit limit by analyzing your bank account activities and your credit score.

You can, however, adjust your daily spending limit to suit your needs.

All you need is to request the bank a reasonable limit to you.

You can request a change in your credit limit through Absa internet banking or the Absa mobile app.

You can also visit any Absa branch near you and request a credit limit increase.

This is how you change an Absa titanium credit card limit in South Africa.

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