Assupol On-call Benefits

Assupol On Call, Benefits & How To Qualify

If you are searching for Assupol on call, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you what on-call is all about and its benefits.

Moreover, you will know how on-call works and how to claim the benefit.

What Is Assupol On-Call

Assupol on call is a benefit enjoyed by those with funeral or life cover. It is called support if you have inquiries about the cover. You can make the call any time as it is 24hours available.

It is important to note that not every premium which includes on-call.

Still, if your premium includes this benefit, any beneficiary under the cover is eligible to receive expert personal support 24 hours.

Under the on-call, there is On-Call and On-Call Plus.

These two are different; thus important to understand each of them.

Assupol On-Call Insurance Policy

The Assupol on-call policy is a benefit included in the cover you buy from Assupol the company.

The on-call benefits include various support services such as expert call and transport of deceased persons, transport in medical emergencies, trauma counseling, and helpful information on a funeral, financial, and medical matters, among other benefits.

When you would like to use this benefit the number to call is 0800 002 61. The cost you incur when you make a call will be for your account

On-Call Plus

The on call plus offers additional support to on-call such as instantGroceries where claims are paid within minutes, cellphone airtime, electricity, and transport. If you would like to claim these benefits, the number to call is 0861 235 664.

How On-call Policy Work

Assupol on-call works by dialing the designated number to claim the benefit. First, the benefit must have been included in your cover.

Knowing the benefit amount increases if you are paying a high premium is imperative. Therefore, the higher the premium, the more benefits you enjoy from the on-call benefit.

How To Claim Assupol On-call Benefit

If you would like to claim on-call benefits, you can do so by dialing 0861 235 664 or emailing 

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