Absa AVAF Account

Absa AVAF Account 2023, Vehicle & Asset Financing From Absa

In our guide today, we will discuss the Absa AVAF account in South Africa.

We will first briefly explain what an AVAF account is.

What Is An Absa AVAF Account

Absa vehicle and asset finance is a product that provides vehicle financing solutions.

The account is designed to help you finance the next car or asset you buy.

 This includes repayment and leasing of products and the Islamic vehicle and asset finance option.

Now that you know what AVAF is, we will show you exactly how the account works in South Africa.

Absa AVAF Account

You get full ownership of an asset or car when you complete all payments at the end of the contracted period.

There are fixed or variable interests in the products.

The account allows you to settle the loan earlier without any penalties.

You can also opt for lower monthly repayments through a balloon payment at the end of the repayment period.

You can choose a comfortable repayment period of up to 72 months.

This is all you need to know about the Absa AVAF account in South Africa.

Now that you know how the account works, we will show you how to repay your AVAF loan.

How To Pay To Your Absa AVAF account

Below are several ways to pay to your AVAF account:

  • Through a debit order
  • You can pay a beneficiary from another bank
  • You can pay at an Absa cash accepting ATM
  • Log in to Absa online banking or the Absa banking app
  • You can visit the nearest Absa South Africa branch or Absa ATM
  • Use a deposit slip at an Absa branch

We will show you how to deposit cash into your AVAF account at an Absa cash accepting ATM.

How To Deposit Cash With AVAF Account In South Africa

Please follow the steps below to deposit cash:

  1. Visit an Absa ATM and select card less banking
  2. Select scan n Pay
  3. Choose your language
  4. Select I understand on the disclaimer screen
  5. After that, select a financial institution as the payment category
  6. Next, choose Absa vehicle finance as the beneficiary
  7. Enter your AVAF account number
  8. Confirm the details displayed on the screen
  9. Prepare your cash and insert it into the cash accepting slot in batches of not more than 100 notes.
  10. Kindly onfirm the amount and select proceed
  11. Enter your initials and surname
  12. Again confirm the deposit details and select proceed 
  13. Take you receipt

This is how you pay to your Absa AVAF account in South Africa.

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