Absa Premium Banking Credit Card

Absa Premium Credit Card 2023, Get Yourself A Premium Spending Life

Most South Africans are well acquainted with the Absa premium credit card. If you are among the few who don’t, worry no more! Read through this guide.

This card is more than just any other card, and it gives a new perspective on money and life.

The cardholder enjoys exclusive priority banking in selected branches and has all-time access to premium banking agents.

To have a clearer view of how the card functions, we will show you the rates and interest of this card.

What Are The Absa Premium Credit Card Rates And Interest

A premium credit card, just like any other Absa card, offers you 57 days interest-free after qualifying for the card.

There is no Absa transaction fee for the purchases you make.

The credit limit for this card is up to R138 000.

The rewards operate in a tier system whereby your interest rate increases

 as you go high up the tier.

These are the Absa premium credit card rates and interest in South Africa.

Absa Premium Credit Card

We will now show you exactly how this card works.

You have access to digital banking through Absa online banking or the Absa mobile app.

You can use the banking app to stop, replace and report card fraud whenever you note any suspicious transactions.

You get 12 complimentary visits at Bidvest Airport Lounge annually and have access at preferential rates, including a package with guests.

The card offers you R3 million travel insurance to cater to your travel emergencies.

You enjoy benefits such as the buyer’s protection, extended warranty, and free lost card protection if a card is lost or stolen.

This is how the Absa premium credit card works in South Africa.

What Are The Premium Rewards

You can earn an additional 10% booster on top of the standard Absa rewards rate at Dis-chem.

To qualify for these rewards, you need to spend a minimum of R7 000 per month on your card, both the Dis-Chem spend and other qualifying expenditures.

The rewards period is calculated from the 16th of each month to the 15th of the next month.

The booster is only paid on purchases made on your card; therefore, the purchases from a transactional or cheque account will only earn the rate from the normal debit card rate.

Subsequent expenditure made with the card will not attract any interest when they spend a cap of R3 000 or 30% of the total expenditure is reached on any other Absa card.

This is all you need to know about the Absa premium card in South Africa.

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