How Does Absa Rewards Work With Nu Metro

How Does Absa Rewards Work With Nu Metro In South Africa 2022

Today’s guide will focus on how Absa rewards work with nu metro in South Africa.

Nu Metro is a movie website where South Africans can purchase cinema tickets.

What Is Required To Enjoy Rewards

Below are the key requirements to enjoy the Absa rewards with Nu Metro:

  • You need to be registered with Absa Rewards
  • You need to have the Absa card
  • You need a South African ID 

These are the basic requirements for discounts.

Now that you know the basic requirements, we will show you exactly how Absa rewards work with Nu Metro in South Africa.

How Does Absa Rewards Work With Nu Metro

You receive discounts when you purchase nu metro cinema tickets from Absa self-service terminal or at the Nu metro kiosk.

You get up to a 50% discount off your Nu Metro movie tickets when you are a registered member of Absa rewards.

When purchasing tickets, you must select Absa Rewards and use your Absa card to confirm you are qualified for the 50% discount.

Insert an ID when requested for a validation code.

You can redeem your cash rewards for discounted movie tickets.

For R43 cash rewards, you can get a regular 2D ticket, and for R54 Cash Reward, you get a regular 3D ticket.

What are the Discounts For Nu Metro

We will now show you the upfront discounts that members are entitled to every year.

You get 12 tickets for standard 2D and 3D movies for all cinemas apart from the full VIP cinemas at Bedford, Hyde Park, Parkview, and Woodlands.

Two tickets for 2D and 3D VIP cinema movies at Cornubia, Ballito, Canal Walk, The Glen, The Pavilion, Clearwater, Trade Route, Bedford, Hyde Park, Parkview, and Woodlands.

Two tickets for 2D and 3D Xtreme cinema movies at Cornubia, Ballito, Canal Walk, The Glen, Clearwater, and Menlyn.

Excluded tickets include the Nu Metro Mountain Hill and 4DX cinemas.

The Parkview and Key west Nu Metro cinemas have been closed until further notice.

These are the rewards and discounts from Absa rewards in Nu Metro.

What You Need To Know About Absa Rewards With Nu Metro

The cinemas are open from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays.

Unused discounted ticket allocations are not carried over to the next calendar year.

The Absa Rewards may not be used with any other promotion or benefit.

The standard Absa rewards and partner terms and conditions are applied. 

This is all the information you need about how Absa rewards work with Nu Metro in South Africa.

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