Absa Replacement Credit Card

Absa Replacement Credit Card 2023, Replace Your Stolen Card In Minutes

Are you interested in the Absa replacement credit card in South Africa? Then read through this guide to learn.

In case of a stolen or lost Absa credit card, you need to notify the bank immediately.

You can use internet banking to lock or freeze the card when you realize it’s missing.

We will show you how to lock your credit card through the Absa banking app.

How To Lock A Credit Card

Please follow the steps below to lock a credit card:

  1. First login to your banking app and click settings
  2. Next, select card management
  3. Next, select click on lock card
  4. Next, accept SureCheck
  5. After that, click on the dropdown to select the card you want to lock
  6. Click Next and confirm
  7. After that, accept SureCheck and click Done

This will temporarily lock your credit card until you figure out its whereabouts or decide to contact the bank for a replacement.

Now that you know how to easily lock a card, we will go ahead and show you how the Absa replacement credit card works.

Absa Replacement Credit Card

Absa will most likely cancel your old card immediately after you report a lost card.

This is an effort to prevent any unauthorized charges r fraudulent activities with your card.

The bank will then send you a new card to continue your operations.

This is how Absa replacement credit card works in South Africa.

How Long Does Absa Card Replacement Take

Replacing a credit card may take three to five working days to get a new card.

The countdown begins the day the bank receives your replacement request to the day you et your new card. 

This is the time taken to get an Absa replacement card in South Africa.

Does The Card Number Change With Card Replacement

A credit card number generally does not change when you get a new credit card.

The only change is in the expiration date and the card verification value (CVV).

However, when a card is reported missing, the card number will be different to avoid the risk of anyone making purchases with your old credit card.

The Absa bank will issue you a new credit card with a unique credit number.

Any banking details in the previous card will be useless with the newly replaced card.

This is all you need to know about the Absa replacement credit card in South Africa.

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