Absa Woolworths Credit Card

Absa Woolworths Credit Card 2023, Benefits, Requirements & How To Apply

In our guide today, we will focus on the Absa Woolworths credit card in South Africa.

This card is tailored for Absa customers who are also clients at Woolworths.

The card enables you to shop either online or in-store without any limitation or any financial problem.

You can get all you need at Woolworths at payback Absa at a later date with reasonable interest.

We will start by showing you the cost of using the card.

What Is The Cost Of Absa Woolworths Credit Card

Woolworth accounts opened prior to May 2016 are charged an R48.00 service fee for the gold credit card.

Accounts open from May 2016 are charged a service fee of R51.00.

Obtaining a secondary card is free.

A domestic purchase using the card is free of charge.

Withdrawing cash at any Absa branch charges R22.00 and R1.30 for every additional R100.

Withdraws at an Absa ATM or any Absa-supported ATM cost R23.00 per transaction.

The card will charge you R25.00 to withdraw at Switch ATM and R55.00 at an overseas ATM.

A bank cheque withdrawal costs R65.00 per transaction.

This is the cost of Absa Woolworth’s credit card in South Africa.

Now that you know the cost of the credit card, we will show you exactly how it works in South Africa.

Absa Woolworths Credit Card

 The prices quoted on the credit card include the VAT.

The financial services have the right to amend the product features or the pricing at any time with reasonable notice.

Woolworths can also re-price their products at any time subject to Regulatory or Legislative changes.

You will receive a monthly statement of your card’s interest rates.

You can bank or manage your credit card online through the Absa internet banking or Absa mobile app.

With this card, you earn quarterly vouchers each and every time you shop with your card.

The Absa Woolworths black card gives you a 3% quarterly voucher, and the gold card gives you a 2% quarterly voucher.

This is how the Absa Woolworths credit card in South Africa.

How To Pay Your Account

Just like any other credit card, you have to pay back the credit.

You can pay by just topping up your Absa bank account monthly, and the credit will be automatically deducted.

This is all you need to know about the Absa Woolworths credit card in South Africa.

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