How to load Pepea KCB prepaid MasterCard

How to load Pepea KCB prepaid MasterCard, 2023, KCB Pepea Card Deposit

Are you wondering how to load Pepea KCB prepaid MasterCard? Worry no here. I will share with you various ways to add money to your card and enjoy paying bills cashless.

It is easy and quick to add money to your card; read on to find out.

What is KCB Pepea prepaid MasterCard?

The Pepea card refers to an electronic commuter card introduced in 2014 by the KCB group to promote the country’s cashless transport.

It is a MasterCard prepaid card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC), a short-range wireless technology, to communicate.

This technology allows it to operate only by clicking it on the specific machine and generating a receipt with all the transaction information that has occurred.

It can be used for any transaction that varies from fueling your car, paying the parking fees, or settling any bill at any payment terminal.

With short instructions on how to load and trigger Pepea for their use, the KCB prepaid card comes bundled.

It is free for all users and does not demand that you have an existing account with KCB.

How To Get The Pepea Prepaid MasterCard In Kenya

To get KCB Pepea MasterCard, visit any of the KCB bank branches spread out in the country.

It is free to apply for the card then load it up.

How To Load KCB Pepea Prepaid Card?

Below are various ways you can load your KCB Pepea MasterCard. These ways include;

How To Load KCB Pepea Prepaid Card Via Mobile Banking USSD Code

1. Go to KCB Mobi by dialing this USSD code: *522#.

2. Select the option “my account” from the menu.

3. Choose the “card” option.

4. Next select “ADD KCB Card.”

5. Follow the instructions provided.

6. The card number is sixteen (16) digits on the face of the card.

After adding the card, enter option 0 to get back to the menu and select the load card.

Follow the prompts, and you’ll successfully load your KCB Pepea MasterCard.

Note:  You can load your Pepea MasterCard through KCB bank.

First, you need to register for KCB mobile banking and have activated your Pepea MasterCard.

How To Load The Pepea Card Through M-Pesa

You can also load your KCB bank Pepea MasterCard through Mpesa.

First, you have to load your Mpesa account or withdraw money from KCB bank to Mpesa, then load the car.

Here are the steps to follow to load the KCB Pepea card via Mpesa:

1. Go to the sim toolkit app on your phone.

2. Next, go to the MPESA menu.

3. Proceed to Paybill and enter the KCB paybill number: 522522.

4. After that, enter your 16 digits card number as the account number.

5. Next, enter the amount you wish to deposit.

6. Finally, enter your Safaricom Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction.

Loading KCB Card With KCB Mtaani Agents

Another way to load your Pepea MasterCard is by visiting a KCB Mtaani agent.

You have to bring the card with you and load the amount you wish to your card.

That is How to load Pepea KCB prepaid MasterCard in Kenya.

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