How does FNB scan to pay Work

How Does FNB Scan To Pay Work In South Africa, 2023, Read This Guide

In this guide, we have provided every detail about how FNB Scan to pay work in South Africa.

With FNB, you don’t need to carry cash around, a card. With your phone, you can make payment; it is a matter of scan and pay.

If you have not heard of this new payment method, this article is for you if you have an FNB account.

As the technology is evolving, it also leads banks to adopt the technology in their banking services.

The scan to pay is a new method of payment that involves paying through your smartphone.

There is no need to carry cash, or cards are easy to get lost.

The digital payment ‘Scan and Pay‘ has been around for more than two years now but has gained momentum following the advocacy of no carrying cash.

The evolution of this mode of payment has managed to carve a niche for itself in the cashless payments domain, with the increasing drive towards a less-cash economy.

It is imperative to be up to date with these payment options, making it safe to pay from your bank account.

Below is the definition and understanding of how scan-to-pay payment methods work.

What Is FNB Scan and Pay [2022 Update]

FNB Scan and Pay is a mobile-based payment service that allows you to transfer money by scanning a fast response (QR) code with an FNB banking app.

The scan to pay can be used to make purchases at various locations, including merchant outlets, e-commerce websites, and grocery stores.

How Does It FNB Scan To Pay Work In South Africa

When using the scan to pay form, you must scan the QR code and enter the transaction amount as a customer.

Without the use of a swiping machine, the funds are transferred directly from the bank account.

It removes the need to enter the merchant’s ID or phone number to complete a transaction.

It just takes a single tap. Tap the back of your smartphone on the card machine to make a payment in-store.

You’ll need to enter your card PIN for payments above a certain number.

Then enter your system passcode to unlock your phone (pattern, password, PIN, or fingerprint).

Place your phone on the card reader.

It’s possible that you’ll have to keep the phone down for a few seconds. Please note that for payment to be successful, your mobile must be unlocked.

If the payment is effective, your phone will vibrate once, and you will receive a push notification.

You must insert your PIN on the card machine for payments above a certain number.

There are a number of advantages to using the scan-to-pay payment method.

First, it provides a seamless checkout experience that does not require the capture of card information or the SMS OTP.

Furthermore, the card information is encrypted and never shared with a third party.

Payment interactions are conducted via the trusted FNB Banking App, secured by additional layers of encryption.

Does FNB have SnapScan?

Not at the moment. You cannot use SnapScan at any of the FNB outlets in South Africa.

That is how FNB South Africa Scan to pay work.

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