How does FNB pay to cell Work

How Does FNB Pay To Cell Work – FNB South Africa Pay-To-Cell Transfers

Most certainly, you are going to need the FNB Pay to Cell transfers; but how does it work in South Africa?

Sending money from an FNB account doesn’t have to be complicated.

The FNB pay to the cell is among the ways you can transfer funds from your account to any South African provided he or she has a mobile phone.

No account number needed, just a cellphone number.

If you are looking to understand how FNB pay to cell works. You have come to the right place.

You’ll find this article useful as it has all the details you need ranging from what pay to the cell is all about to how to step by step how to use the service.

What Is FNB South Africa Pay To Cell 

FNB Pay to the cell is a money service transfer that involves transferring funds from your FNB account to the recipient’s cellphone.

All you need is the recipient’s cellphone, and the transfer will be completed within minutes.

How FNB South Africa Pay To Cell Work

With FNB pay to cell, you don’t have to remember bank account numbers or branch codes. 

The recipient’s cellphone number is all you need to remember.

The payment is transferred within minutes, and the recipient can access it received. 

This makes payments between FNB accounts simple, fast, and safe.

 To access the pay-to-cell service, you don’t need a special SIM card or changes to your phone’s settings.

But you must have an active FNB transactional account or an FNB debit or credit card to be eligible for the service.

The pay to cell service is not a fee; you are charged at 1.10 per transaction and compared to other transfer money services, it is the cheapest, most convenient, and safest.

There is a limitation on the amount you can send per day of 5 000 and a monthly limit of 20 000.

Note you both the recipient and sender need to have registered for cellphone banking.

Also, note the transfer is between FNB customers.

How To Send Money Using Pay To Cell Transfer

  •         Dial *140*321#
  •         Enter your Cellphone Banking PIN
  •         Select ‘Banking
  •         Choose ‘Payments’
  •         Select ‘Pay2Cell’
  •         Enter the recipient Cell Phone number
  •         Enter the amount
  •         Confirm details of the transaction

If you are transferring more than 100.01, you’ll receive confirmation.

That is how FNB South Africa Pay to Cell work.

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