How Does FNB Share Builder Work

How Does FNB Share Builder Work, 2023, Ultimate Guide To Share Builder Account

In today’s guide, you will know how does FNB Share Builder Work. If you like to invest in shares with FNB, then you ought to consider the FNB share builder account.

The account makes it easy to invest as the bank helps you invest in companies that promise high returns and Krugerrands.

Even though FNB offers a share builder account, few people understand how it works.

In this article, I will share with you how FNB share builder works and how to trade with your account.

About FNB share builder account

Investing is one of the ways you can make the best out of the money you have.

Buying companies share one way to invest in shares and come with risk such that the company you invested in may collapse.

The FNB share builder account is meant to make share investing hassle-free.

After you have opened your account, after carefully selecting the best-performing companies, the bank gives you a choice to choose which company to invest your money in.

The companies have gone through strict selection to ensure you get the best out of the investment.

The interesting thing about a share builder account is that you don’t need a huge amount to open it.

With R100 in your account, you can start the investment and pay an R45 monthly fee.

The share builder account has made it easy to invest in leading companies and make huge profits without hassle.

How To Trade On Your Share Builder Account

Before you start trading on your FNB share builder account, you need to have deposited money.

The following are steps to follow when you would like to trade;

1. Trade by logging on to FNB Online Banking

First National Bank of South Africa allows you to access your FNB share account online; hence you can trade while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Below are steps to follow:

  • Login to your share builder account.
  • Choose the ‘My Investments’ option.
  • Next, choose ‘Share Portfolio.’
  • Select the applicable account.
  • Click either ‘Buy or Sell.’
  • Enter correct details and in all fields prompted.
  • After finishing, you’ll receive a text confirming the trade.

2. Use The FNB Share Builder Account On The Mobile Banking App

You can also trade using the Share Builder account through your FNB Banking App.

Here are steps to follow for the Share Builder account to work on the mobile banking app:

  • Select ‘My Investments’.
  • Select ‘Share Portfolio.
  • Select the applicable account.
  • Select ‘Trade’.
  • Select your trading option.
  • Enter correct details and in all fields prompted.
  • After finishing, you’ll receive a text confirming the trade.
  • You can check the trade outcome either through access to your account online or through the App.

That is all you should know about how does FNB Share Builder Work.

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