How To Reverse FNB South Africa eWallet Transaction

How To Reverse FNB eWallet Transaction South Africa, 2023 eWallet Refund

Today’s guide is about how to reverse the FNB South Africa eWallet transaction.

Have you sent money via FNB ewallet to the wrong person and now wondering if you can get it back?

Worry not because FNB has laid down a procedure to follow and reverse the truncation.

In this quick guide, I’ll share how to reverse an FNB South Africa ewallet transaction step by step.

FNB ewallet is among the leading mobile money transfers.

It is a simple, cheap, and secure service to use no matter if you are an FNB customer or not.

After making the transfer, your recipient receives the money immediately and can withdraw it at any FNB ATM.

Human beings are largely prone to making errors, and it is among the reasons why FNB thought of having a way to reverse a transaction if it happens you send the money to the wrong mobile number or bank account.

So, if you use the FNB ewallet service in South Africa, it is important to know how to reverse any transaction you make like payment or sending money to a family member but sending it to the wrong person.

How To Reverse FNB South Africa eWallet Transfer?

Don’t panic, even if you have sent your money to the wrong person.

There are ways to reverse the money and get to send it to the right person you intended. Below are two ways to reverse FNB ewallet transfer.

Call FNB South Africa ewallet customer care

The first way to reverse FNB ewallet transfer is to contact the FNB Bank call center.

After realizing you have sent the money to the wrong recipient, immediately call FNB customer care to reverse the transaction manually.

The number to call is 087 575 9405. You have to request reversal services for customer care to initiate the process.

How To Reverse FNB eWallet Transaction On Your Phone

Another way to reverse FNB ewallet transfer is through your mobile phone.

Immediately after realized you had transferred the money to the wrong person, take your phone and follow these steps to reverse the transaction;

  •         Dial *120*321#
  •         Select option 4 for “Send Money”.
  •         Select option 5 for “ewallet reversal”.
  •         Choose the actual transaction you would like to reverse.

Charges To Reverse eWallet Transfer

To reverse any FNB ewallet truncation is not free.

You have to pay a fee of about R50.

Sometimes, the reversal may not be successful; the FNB doesn’t bear the burden at all.

To avoid such occurrences, make sure you check the mobile number or bank account before clicking the last button when making the transfer.

That is how to reverse FNB South Africa eWallet transactions.

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