How does the FNB QR code Work

How Does The FNB QR Code Work, FNB South Africa QR Code 2023 Guide

If you are one of the many South Africans asking about how does FNB QR code work, then this guide is for you.

You may not have heard about FNB QR Code, but chances are you have heard or tried to scan the QR code. 

If you have the same way, the FNB QR Code work, only that you need to have installed the FNB banking App or have an FNB ATM card.

In his quick guide, I’ll share with you how the FNB QR code works if it is your first time to hear about this new payment through FNB banking App or using your FNB card.

The FNB QR code helps you make payment securely without having to carry cash around.

What is FNB QR Code?

There are no tricks to understand about the FNB QR code. Check your ATM card at the top of the card, and you will notice the strange graph of black squares and dots on the left-hand side.

In essence, that’s the look of a QR code.

The idea behind a QR code is to create an image that can be scanned and translated into something more meaningful by any modern smartphone (with a QR code reader application).

QR codes are often used to provide web address data and links but can also be used to refer smartphone users to various other media (e.g. videos, images, etc.).

How Does FNB QR Code Work

In general, a QR-code works in the same way as a supermarket barcode. It is an image that can be read instantly via a Smartphone camera by machine scanning. 

A variety of black places and points representing certain pieces of information are presented in every QR code.

This code is translated into something that humans can easily understand when your smartphone scans this code.

Although this is the technical explanation of how a QR code works, a QR code that can be scanned by hundreds of millions of people worldwide with smartphones daily is much more important.

So it’s great for marketers.

Making Payment With The QR Code [2022 Update]

If you have ever scanned your smartphone for a QR code, then you’re probably aware that you can quickly scan it.

This makes QR codes an extremely easy way to access stored information instantly, making it the ideal solution for marketers hungry for conversion.

If you would like to use the FNB QR code, you should have an FNB ATM or install the FNB banking App.

During making payments, you can request your scan to pay.

After scanning, all you have to do is enter the amount and Pin. The payment will be completed within seconds. 

That is all you must know about how FNB QR Code works.

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