How Can I Activate My UBA ATM Car

How Can I Activate My UBA ATM Card, 2023, UBA ATM Activation Guide

Do you have a problem activating your UBA Nigeria ATM card? Then we got you sorted in this article. You can easily activate your UBA ATM Card online.

By doing so, you save a lot of time and money for traveling to the bank physically.

People ask how one can activate your UBA ATM card online.

You follow this simple guide, and you’ll get to know it. Step number one is:

Process Of Activating My UBA Nigeria ATM Card Online

Follow this simple and few steps to answer your question above;

1. Visit

2. login to SBI net banking portal by providing the username and password details.

3. Select ‘e-service and click on the ATM card service option.

4. On the next page, kindly click on the new ATM card activation.

5. Follow the steps given, and your card will be activated.

Those are the five simple steps to activate your UBA Nigeria card online.

How Do I Get My UBA Nigeria ATM Card Number Online

1. Log into Huntington online banking.

2. Click on the service center.

3. Click on view statements.

4. Select the checking account.

5. Select your most recent statement period.

6. Go to the debit card/point of sale (POS) section of the e-statement.

You may also wonder if the account number can be written on an ATM card.

Yes, it is written. On the front face of the debit card, a 16 digits code is written.

The first six digits are the Bank identification number, and the rest ten digits are a unique number of the cardholder.

Even the global hologram printed on the debit card is a type of security hologram which is very difficult to copy.

It is three-dimensional.

Also, to know your account number from ATM, call the number on the back of your credit card or look up their customer service number online.

You are likely to have provided your name, address, and social security number so they can verify your identity.

How Do I Know If My Card Is Activated 

If your UBA Nigeria card is still active, check whether your credit card is still enabled via online banking or by reaching out to the card provider.

What Happens If a Credit Card Is Not Activated

In cases where you are not using your UBA card, it might lead to its deactivation.

It is therefore advisable for any UBA customer with this card to keep it active by carrying transactions on it.

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