What Is The Code For MTN MOMO

What Is The Code For MTN MOMO, 2023 Mobile Money USSD Code

Do you want to know that code for MTN MOMO in Ghana? You are in the right place, and in this guide, we will show you the USSD for MTN MOMO and how you can use it to make transactions on the MobileMobile Money platform.

The fulcrum of all MTN mobile Money services is the USSD code.

Without the MTN mobile Money code, you cannot access your account or make transactions using your account.

However, the MTN mobile money USSD is very common to most subscribers, but some users, especially new subscribers, do not know the USSD code to access the mobile money platform.

For that reason, we have dedicated this guide to give you details about the MTN mobile money USSD.

What Is The Code For MTN MOMO

The code for MTN MOMO in Ghana is *170#. It is available to all MTN MobileMobile Money subscribers in Ghana, and you can only access it via your MTN phone number.

Before you can access your MOMO via USSD, you must dial the code to access your account.

How Does MTN MoMo Code Work

The MTN MOMO code works in such a way that it gives mobile money subscribers access to the mobile money platforms to make transactions from their account, including money transfers, airtime purchases, bill payments, cash withdrawals, and many others.

Does MTN Charge For Using The Mobile Money Code

No MTN Ghana does not charge you any fee for using the Mobile money code; however, you are charged fees for making transactions through your MTN mobile money account.

Does The Mobile Money USSD Code Work On Other Networks

No, you can not use the MTN mobile Money code on other networks in Ghana.

That is because the MOMO shortcode is only accessible by MTN MOMO subscribers.

That means that even if you have an MTN SIM and you are not registered for the Mobile money services, you can not access the code.

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