What You Must Do If You Forget Your MTN Mobile Money PIN

Forgot MTN Mobile Money PIN? How To Reset MoMo PIN 2023

MTN Mobile money PIN code is one of the things that MoMo subscribers should not easily forget, but since humans are bound to make mistakes, sometimes some forget theirs.

The frustration it comes with is another problem, especially when you have cash in your wallet.

Well, do not worry again because, in this guide, we will exhort all the possible options you can use if you forget your MTN mobile money PIN.

The MTN MoMo PIN consists of four digits which the user used to authorize transactions.

This tells us how essential it is in the MoMo operation and when you fail to remember it, you cannot do any transaction with your mobile money account unless you retrieve it.

What Should I Do If I Forgot My MTN MoMo PIN

There is always a way out unless you do not want to operate your MTN Mobile money anymore.

The following listed channels the ways to show you what to do if you forget the MoMo PIN code:

1. Call MTN Mobile Money service center

2. Message them on the social media platform

3. Go to MTN nearby office

Call MTN Mobile Money Service Center To Reset MTN Mobile Money PIN

The best way is to contact MTN mobile money once you fail to remember your MM PIN.

Kindly call MTN customer care on 100. This number is toll-free.

Once you call, follow the voice to choose a preferred language for communication.

A list of MTN Ghana services will be read to you. Wait patiently and press the number that can connect you to a customer care rep.

Just wait a little while.

A customer care rep will attend to your call

The rep will ask for your name and how MTN may be of help to you.

Upon relaying your info, the rep will notify you on what to do to retrieve your forgotten PIN.

Requirements To Retrieve Or Reset Your MoMo PIN

For this process, the things you will require for successful retrieval are:

1. MoMo Name

2. Date of Birth

3. Available balance

4. ID card used for registering MoMo

5. Last known transaction

Message MTN Mobile Money on Any Social Media Platform

This is sometimes used. You will need to send a message regarding the problem you have encountered.

They will proceed to help on how to get it sorted.

Visit Nearby Office To Recover Or Reset Your MTN MoMo PIN

Follow these steps below to retrieve your forgotten MoMo PIN at any nearby MTN office:

1. Visit the MTN office and request to see a MoMo customer service rep

2. You will be directed to one, wait till it gets your turn to consult

3. When it reaches your turn, tell the rep your problem

4. Some questions will be asked in addition to some required documents to carry out the process

5. The rep will proceed and retrieve your MoMo PIN code for you

6. You can change your PIN if you feel it isn’t secured anymore

That is how to reset your MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) forgot password.

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