How Can I Extend My MOMO Limit In Ghana

How Can I Extend My MOMO Limit In Ghana, 2023 Mobile Money Limit

Do you want to extend your MOMO limit? You have come to the right place, and in today’s guide, we shall share with you step-by-step guidelines on how to extend your MTN MOMO limit in Ghana.

Because MTN has placed a limit on how much you can transfer, withdraw or cash out in a day from your MOMO account.

There is a need for those who regularly use the service to expand their limits.

But someone may ask can I increase my MTN MOMO limit?

Well, the answer is yes.

But before you can increase your MTN mobile money transaction limit, you must provide a few documents to ascertain that you indeed qualify to increase your limit.

Also, if your transaction history does not prove that you make enough transactions which requires that your limit should be increased, it will be difficult to expand your limits.

In spite of all that, every MOMO subscriber has the right to request for transaction limit increase.

However, to know how to do that, kindly read below to find out the right procedures to follow.

Things You Need To Increase Your MOMO Limit In Ghana

If you want to increase your MTN MOMO limit in Ghana, below are things you will need:

1. A hard copy bank statement

2. Your everything and mobile Money number

3. ID card.

How Can I Extend My MoMo Limit In Ghana

Follow the steps below to extend your MTN MOMO limit in Ghana:

1. Get a hard copy of your bank statement

2. Pick your ID card

3. Visit the nearest MTN office

4. Reach out to the nurse available MTN customer care agent.

5. Kindly request for Mobile Money limit extension.

6. Provider agents any documents and details about your MOMO account.

7. Now, the MTN staff will forward your request to the right department.

8. Your details, in addition to your request, will be reviewed.

9. After your details are being very fine and you qualify to increase your account, your Mobile Money account limit will be extended.

That is how to extend your MTN MOMO limit.

How Does MTN Charge For Mobile Money Limit Expanding

MTN does not charge you any fee for expanding your MOMO limit.

That means that anytime you want to expand your MTN MOMO limit, you do not need to pay any money.

Can I Determine My Own MoMo Limit

No, you cannot determine your own Momo limit as MTN has factors that determine the limit to which your mama account should be extended.

However, they let me tell me your MOMO account will be determined by the number of transactions you carry out in a day or a month.

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