How Do I Fund My MTN MOMO Agent Wallet In Ghana

How Do I Fund My MTN MOMO Agent Wallet In Ghana, 2023 Mobile Money

If you are an MTN MOMO agent in Ghana, one of the most frustrating issues that you may normally come across it’s when you are out of cash. So in this guide, we shall show you how to fund your MTN MOMO agent wallet in Ghana.

MTN Mobile Money agent provides various services to MOMO subscribers, including cash deposits and money withdrawals.

For that reason, you must always have enough money in your MOMO wallet as an agent.

However, in instances where you get customers trooping into your shop requesting huge sums of money withdrawals, you may run out of cash at some point.

When that happens, you must immediately find your agent wallet to continue to serve your customers.

But someone may ask, how do I fund my MTN MOMO agent wallet?

That is very simple as there are various ways you can use to deposit money into your mobile money agent wallet.

But kindly read below to find out the right procedures to follow.

What Is MTN MoMo Agent Wallet

MTN MOMO agent wallet is there a type of mobile Money account that is usually open for mobile money agents or merchants, so if you are not a MOMO merchant, you cannot have or use an agent wallet.

Ways To Deposit Cash Into Your MTN MOMO Merchant Account

Below are some of the available means you can use to fund your agent account:

1. Bank

2. Other MoMo agents.

Requirements To Deposit Money Into Your Mobile Money Merchant Wallet

Below are the things you need to find your MTN mobile Money agent wallet:

1. Your MTN mobile Money agent number

2. MTN MOMO merchant ID

3. Name on your MOMO merchant account.

4. Amount of money you want to fund your account with.

How Do I Fund My MTN MOMO Agent Wallet

Follow the steps below to find your MTN MOMO agent wallet:

1. Visit the nearest bank

2. Reach out to the next available teller to request a MOMO account deposit.

3. You will give a MOMO deposit to fill.

4. Kindly fill the form with your MOMO wallet details, including your merchant ID and wallet number.

5. Submit the filled form with the physical cash amount you want to fund your account with.

6. The teller will process your request, and within 5minutes, you will receive the fund in your agent’s wallet.

That is how to deposit cash into your agent account.

Get MOMO E-cash in Your Wallet

Aside from going to the bank to deposit the cash into your MTN MOMO agent wallet, you can also reach out to the nearest MOMO merchant and request E-Cash.

They will transfer directly into your agent account, and you pay them what physical cash.

How Much Does It Cost To Deposit Cash Into MTN Mobile Money Agent Account

MTN does not charge you any money for depositing cash into your MOMO agent wallet.

That means that if you want to find your MTN mobile Money merchant wallet, you don’t need to pay any fee.

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