What Is The Limit For MTN MoMo In Ghana

What Is The Limit For MTN MoMo In Ghana, 2023 Mobile Money Limit

Are you an MTN MOMO subscriber in Ghana? Then it is important you know the limit for MTN MOMO in Ghana.

The MTN mobile money platform is one of the most secured mobile wallets available for making payments, transferring money, and paying bills in Ghana.

However, because of the massive adoption of mobile money in Ghana, MTN has provided various measures to ensure that customers’ funds are safe.

As a result, each customer needs a particular clearance to be able to transfer huge sums of money from the account.

That is because there is a standard amount of money customers can transfer or transact from their MOMO account.

This means that there is a limit on how much a basic MTN MOMO subscriber can transfer or receive in their account, and that is called the MTN Mobile Money limit.

But someone may ask, what is the limit for MTN mobile money in Ghana?

If you seek to know that, kindly read below.

What Is MoMo Limit

MOMO limit is a threshold of money a mobile money subscriber can transfer or receive into and from their mobile money account within a day or a month.

This limit varies from one class of momo clients to the others.

So, depending on the type of MTN mobile money account you hold, there is a limit on the amount of money you can send it to receive.

Types Of MTN Mobile Money Limits

In Ghana, the MTN mobile Money limit comes in two forms, including a daily limit and the monthly limit.

Also, the transaction limit is determined based on the type of Momo customer, which includes Tier one MOMO customers and Tier 2 MOMO clients.

What Is The Limit For MTN MoMo

In Ghana, the limit for MTN Momo includes 2000GHS daily and 20,000GHS monthly transactions limit for Tier 1 momo customers.

In contrast, Tier 2 MTN Momo customers have a limit of 5,000GHS daily and 50,000GHS monthly.

That means if you are an MTN Tier one mobile money customer in Ghana, you can transfer or receive up to 2,000 Ghana cedis in a day and up to 20,000 Ghana cedis in a month.

Also, if you are an MTN Tier 2 momo customer, you can transfer or receive up to 5,000 Ghana cedis in a day and up to 50,000 Ghana cedis in a month.

That is the limit for MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

Suppose you want to know your MTN number limit. Kindly follow the procedure below.

How To Know Your MTN MOMO Limit

Follow the steps below to know your MTN MOMO limit:

1. Kindly dial *170# on the MTN number you want to know its limit.

2. Next, choose option 6, “My Account.”

3. Reply with # for next

4. Now, choose option 8, “Check Wallet Limit.”

5. Instantly, your MTN Mobile money Limit will be displayed on your phone screen, including your daily and monthly momo limit.

Can I Increase My Mobile Money Limit

Yes, you can increase your MTN Mobile Money limit at any time.

However, before you can increase your mobile money, you must provide a bank statement that will be used to determine your transaction limit.

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