How Much MTN MOMO Transfer Cost In Ghana

How Much Does MTN MOMO Transfer Cost In Ghana, 2023 Mobile Money Cost

How much does MTN MOMO transfer cost? This is one of the most rampant questions every MOMO subscriber should get an answer to. That is because, after the introduction of E-levy, transactions charges on Mobile Money has changed.

Most MTN subscribers only care about making a transaction from their MOMO accounts.

However, as one of the best financial precautions, you must know how much you are charged for making transactions using the MTN MOMO platform.

You will agree that many MTN mobile money subscribers are not aware of how much they are charged for withdrawing cash, transferring money, and making other transactions.

For that reason, we have dedicated this MTN guide to give you comprehensive details about MTN Mobile Money charges in Ghana.

But before that, why does MTN mobile money charge fees?

That is a very good question to answer, but please find the details below.

Does MTN Charge Fees On MOMO Transactions

Yes, there are charges for all MTN MOMO transactions except for cash deposits.

That means a charge on cash withdrawal, money transfers, and others.

How Much Does MTN MOMO Transfer Cost

The cost of MTN MOMO transfer is 2.25% of the money you are sending. That is because, after the introduction of the E-levy, MTN charges 0.75% + 1.5% E-levy charges making it 2.25%.

For example, if you want to transfer 100GHS, you will be charged an additional 2.25GH as fees.

That means that MTN charges you one percent of any amount of money you transfer from your MOMO account as a fee.

Suppose you want to transfer 100GHS from your MOMO account. It will cost you 1GHS.

Why Do MTN Charge Fees On Mobile Money

MTN charges for mobile Money transactions for service maintenance and payments of agent’s commission.

So the fees you pay on mobile Money transfers are used for maintenance of the platform and payment of MTN MOMO merchant.

Is MTN Mobile Money Transfer Expensive

No, MTN MOMO transfer is not expensive as you are charged only 1% of the amount of money you want to transfer.

That means that when you want to send money from your account you are charged 1% of the amount.

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